Who is a spanker and who receives the spanking

We both like a spanking probably her more than me her favourite is on all fours legs spread and me flogging her pussy but she also loves a bare hand on her ass as well as her pussy

Hubby is the spanker, I love being the spankee and presenting my bare arse to him so he can spank it, whether its with his hand or with one of our many spanking implements, love it when my cheeks are red, hot and glowing.

I’m the spanner and she loves it. More often than not I use a paddle although we have a couple of whips too. Very rarely across my knee as I just can’t get a good swing. Generally she be on all four or standing, bent with hands against the wall or over a table.

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I love being spanked (male) and the Mrs. (female) enjoys giving the spankings. We enjoy over the knee, on all fours, tied to the wall with my hands extended above my head. We are just recently exploring the use of impact play toys. Up until now it has been barehanded or a belt.

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We have various spankers, mainly leather, a wooden paddle and a riding crop (used sparingly) . It’s usually me who teases the blind folded oh with a peacock feather or a type of feather duster then mixes in the spanks.
She does occasionally switches role’s when the mood takes us and that’s also fun!
Basically you don’t know what’s coming next and the anticipation is so arousing .


I love bending the OH over my knee, lifting her skirt and giving her bum cheeks a good spanking until they start to redden.

If she is spanking me, then I like her to use her flogger on my penis. The harder I get the hard she hits me with the flogger, I haven’t cum this way yet but been close. Is this too kinky?


Kinky to some is vanilla to others, do what you enjoy. I regularly orgasm to my partner slapping and pulling on my boobs and nipples, he usually orgasms not too long after. I can tell by how he treats them that he’s getting close. Its such a turn on for me :upside_down_face:


Omg I cannot believe you are spanked on your manhood

Have you ever been milked mid spanking - my man loves it - I generally order him to cum within a minute otherwise he gets the cane (across the back of the legs)
After being milked the feeling he gets is more severe

Personality I love the power


I’m the spanked one. I get it between the legs with a leather strap. My husband and I sometimes have “woodshed sessions.” Outside, behind some firewood storage. I get a couple of orgasms first so I’m sensitive, then my clit and nipples become the target. The feeling is amazing, and for a couple of days afterward I’m so very sensitive.

Since the pain is intense, I need a lot of cuddling and attention afterwards. Usually a warm bath. I get the best sleep right after a session like this.


I like a good spanking but OH loves a spanking more she loves hand paddle and especially a flogger on her pussy