Why Are Condom's So Boring!

I am really just wanting to know why on earth are condoms so blummin borin!! I'm not being funny but weve had flavoured, textured, dwarf size giant size etc: but we have not really had a condom where we can laugh at it put a bit of fun in to sex!! Can you see where i am coming from and also it may intise the teenage generation to use them more?? What do You Think? Am I right or wrong? Minxy

Personally I don't think I'd want condoms to be more interesting -- they'd be more of a distraction. I like good old simple ones that stimulate a bit. A lot of people already seem to think they get in the way, so I guess most companies have tried to make them as unnoticeable as possible. And I'm sure a lot of guys don't want women laughing at their penises, even if it is due to a condom.

I really don't like the things, they're just a necesity :-( I'd much rather they just felt better than anything...

Condoms are basic and simple for a reason - to stop pregnancy and to stop the spread of STD's. I tend to think the more basic the condom is the better it is at its job!

There are some funny novelty condoms on the market but they are just that 'Novelty' and should not be used as protection. If you're after something a bit fun you could try a French Tickler; http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=6422. It's designed to roll on over the penis like a condom and gives the female a bit of extra stimulation. There also great for use on Dildos too.

I dont personally need condoms cos I cant have kids and only have on partner but I love them any way.. I think they are great fun with out looking fun, Maybe its not the condom thats boring! ?

Kinky_Minxy, what about these: http://www.pynks.co.uk/flashing-condoms-3516.php

Just spotted them, and they're certainly...different looking.

boring they may be, but essential they are.. My only whinge is that all the fun ones (performa, ribbed, flavoured) are latex, and as someone who has a slight latex allergy I have to avoid them as much as possible and can only indulge in them occasionally :(

I do have to ask tho' - why did it take condom manufacturers so dam long to work out tha tthe flavour we all wanted was in fact NOT lager and lime, or curry, but chocolate?!

I agree if condoms were more fun then maybe teenagers would want to use them more.

Why dont you try these http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=888
Nikki x

Wow this is an old thread! :O lol

Wow you could go into the fortune telling business with these- you could forsee your own end !!!!


i tried the one you suggested Nikki but they were far too thick but very funny to look at.... hmm I think its time for a review on it!


not always!! x

I think condoms are meant to be more protecting than boring.

It's the sex that makes it hot! ;)

Yes exactly. =P

I don't like condoms! We only use 'em to keep her nice and fresh for some oral!

I like them, as they keep me from having a baby. =P

I would go on the pill or any other form of contraception but for personal reasons I chose not to. =)

Fair enough. Shes on the pill so we're ok there. I love giving oral but don't like the thought of licking a cummy pussy!

hmm well im on the pill but i see it as an extra measure and use condoms as well. boring but nessacary

You can get all these different kinds of condoms now! The Love ones by Durex are meant to be good. =P