Why are men's underwear so boring?

A quick search on “men’s sexy underwear” will lead to a bunch of links to chicken or elephant type thongs you need an erection to fill. Reading a bunch of underwear (knickers?) discussions on this forum it seems many men wear women’s underwear, not for the kink, but for the feel. Over the years I have managed to collect a variety of men’s underwear outside the norm but it hasn’t been easy. I often have to go 20 or 30 pages deep on Amazon before I find something a little different. It’s not about looking sexy, it’s all about FEELING sexy. Not sure why women have a full choice of sizes and styles yet we are mostly limited to boxer/briefs. I assume it’s a sales volume thing but please… show some creativity for the guys as well, Not a LoveHoney thing… it’s an industry thing.


Totally agree - sexy men’s underwear is often stupid - seems the market is naughty elephant pouch or tiny pouch

Then it’s white multipack cotton pants.

Men forget men’s underwear and get into knickers… :lovehoney_heart:


Thanks batjamboree. I have dealt with sex and sexuality topics online for decades and this is the first time I have ever clued in that many men wear women’s underwear just because it feels sexy, not because it’s a kink. There are now many “body positive” websites that market larger women’s underwear and lingerie. Why not a committee of women that comes up with what looks sexy on a man?

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I’ve had a look around and I’ve found a site that has a large selection of actual male lingerie. I can’t name it as it’s not LH but it’s out there if you search hard enough.


rockstar… are you referring to the site that has men’s bras and matching panties (knickers)? If so, not quite the same as what I am asking for… but still all in


No. It’s a Chinese site beginning with T.


LOL… gotcha.

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I fully get what you mean.

For years I just wore boxer/briefs as they seemed the default comfort. But was convinced to try men’s thongs with my Mrs now… I love them. Slight getting used too but once I had it the most comfortable underwear I have, wear them nearly every day

Personally i like trunks from not just any high street store. Plenty of support comfortable and they look smart.

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What about the LH lacy or mesh shorts? I am considering getting some of those. Or are you talking about something else?

I quit wearing tidy whites and could never stand boxers around 1975 . Starting with bikini briefs and shortly moving to string bikinis . I think I started wearing thongs about the late 80s , I never bought any of those silly assed cartoon underwear . If I was packing a 9-10" cock and was a shower instead of a grower , maybe I would have bought some " for display " . There are several online places I buy sexy thongs from , not including the the one that starts with T . They are relatively new . I enjoy a snug fitting underwear and it can’t be boring ! I probably have about 100 pair of men’s along with 20 or so women’s panties . Love the lace across my cock head or the feel of silk , As a foot note , I am hair free all under . My day always starts out better and hornier with sexy undergarments . I have found during my searches , I will get better hits if I search gay or sissy boy , limited success searching for sexy mens underwear .


I am talking about an over all industry availability and/or creativity. Not so much about finding a pair of underwear that is different.


[quote=“WillC, post:9, topic:302571, full:true”]
any high street store.[/quote]

Sorry, not sure what that is. Is it a brand name or reference to designer brands, or am I way off the mark here? Sounds expensive either way.

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It’s a tricky situation for men as we are taught to be men and anything off track is considered wrong and do we grow up in boring pants

I started wearing woman’s knickers at an early age encouraged by a girlfriend who allowed me to try her knickers on and for my birthday (well under 18) bought me some knickers in that well know high street store where I could choose my favs

I have tried others on the internet where they are specifically made for men (but look like women’s knickers) but I felt not so good as I like the naughty factor when wearing lingerie

I’m glad there are a lot of good stores as my fav is high waisted as it hold my manhood well

I feel Lovehoney need to sell more sexy knickers without being Crotchless


competitor, famous for underwear, not too expensive!

competitor… LOL Used to be in Canada for years but packed up shop a long time ago. Always got a velour sweater (jumper?) from my Brit grandparents every Christmas. As soon as I saw the box I knew what it was.

Just a quick clarification to my original post, I was musing about the apparent lack of design choices rather than just changing up material or colours. I have collected a fun selection over the years and can decide what undies I want to wear depending on my mood, interest, or how friggin’ cold it will be that day but it took a ton of searching online from a variety of countries and yes, I have some female knickers in the collection. I can’t yet post photos but will eventually do a photo show and tell for some interesting finds. There are some very different design choices out there, just not easy to locate. Jock, thong, brief, boxer… repeat.


It’s something I’ve never really worried about.

I wear boxer-briefs and have a few ‘nicer’ pairs … mostly just all black. If I’m ever getting to underwear in front of wifey, it’s probably just on the way to getting naked and fooling around.

Wifey has 2 modes.
1: disinterested.
2: give me some c*ck
Underwear doesn’t seem to be part of it.

LOL @ Lucas04. Valid point and good on ya. I just feel that the right undies under your clothes can make someone feel frisky or erotic with everything else going on around them being normal. Not a show off your 6 pack abs or stage walk thing. Only you know about it and feel good.


@be3169 I’m not sure I need any extra help feeling frisky :joy: I’m frikken insatiable as it is!!! :rofl:

As a couple… absolutely. What if you were single or your wife was not interested?