Why are men's underwear so boring?

@marbles1 . If you feel good, im so pleased for you.
The question in the thread was why is male underwear so boring.
My question is why should it be anything but functional and comfortable.
Womens lingerie is designed for the female figure.
It is often designed to compliment certain styles of clothing in the cut of the bra and the knickers. This is to allow various clothing styles to look good without lingerie lines effecting the look.
Mens clothing rarely is effected by underwear to the same extent.
So i go back to the starting question and what would anyone want to change to what would remain " mens underwear" to make it less boring .
What you are wearing is not mens underwear, its womens.

What @marbles1 is wearing is unisex underwear why does there have to be a set rule.


But surely, if lingerie really was designed to the same criteria of functionality as men’s underwear is, everything would end up being a sports bra and pants? It doesn’t need to be colourful or overly detailed and yet it is.
Lingerie is far more about style over function and that just doesn’t happen with men’s stuff.
The idea that simply feeling good through one’s choice of underwear and simply liking how you look yourself seems restricted to girls.

@teacake . Was it unisex.? The link picture was a woman wearing what looks like a bra and knickers.:man_shrugging:

@marbles1 Ok. So what would you do to “mens” underwear to make it less boring.?
That was the thread question, as to why it is boring.
Womans lingerie is designed to control or adjust the shape of boobs, so it may enhance the appearance of a dress for example.
Men dont have that requirement.

I think men’s underwear has for the most part remained boring because of upbringing , being modest and what many were taught . I the locker room when I was in school , I was noticed . I was one of the first in my school to wear bikini briefs , and OMG in color ! That was in the 70s . Many men were raised wearing tidy whites and boxers and just never switched when their moms quit buying their underwear .


@Oldman . You are probably correct. In general though , its like reinventing the wheel.
Woman might wear a thong to avoid knicker lines in tight fitting skirt or trousers.
She will wear a style of bra to give more uplift to suit a dress.
Men just need a garment to do what it says on the tin…it may be more snug fitting and less saggy than Y fronts or baggy boxers and wacky in design pattern or colours, but thats as much as you can do.
I think i’ll stick to comfortable snug competitor or the likes of.

Go to Images To Share in Topics! Definitely NOT boring! :wink:


Why does the physical function of lingerie mean it’s less plain than men’s underwear then?
Like I said, if it was purely about shape and support, all bras would be as plain as sports/t-shirt bras, wouldn’t they?
But they’re not. Lingerie is designed to look glamorous, colourful, flamboyant, exuberant, pretty……call it what you like and that just doesn’t happen with men’s underwear.
But hey, each to their own.

@marbles1 . I think one of the main reasons mens underwear isnt
“glamorous, colourful, flamboyant, exuberant, pretty……” is probably down to commercial profitability. The demand for it would come from people such as yourself, which is a minority. In short ( no pun intended) , no money in it.!! If there was, rest assured, some company would have picked up on it.
So it looks like you are stuck with big girls pants.

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That’s because men have always liked to see and feel sexy underwear…it arouses them so a win win situation. I feel sexy wearing it…it makes me feel more attractive…confident and know it will help towards what I’m after sexually. It’s designed to attract.

And some men like to wear it too for the exact same reason. I guess like @Iwill says the market for it for the male physique isn’t as great as for the female so there’s less choice and even lesser choice in the fitting.

Things are getting better as more men are opening up and there is now a greater need for it…I think it will become more and more available and acceptable.

The thing is then will it still have the same appeal and feeling for men wearing it if it’s less taboo?

Exactly. I don’t want “male lingerie” because that completely misses the point.
In another thread, the wearing of girls’ lingerie by men was likened to an addiction, and I totally get that.
I love the thrill of doing something outwardly “wrong” or inappropriate, as well as the purely tactile sensations involved.
If lingerie on men was normalised it would take that away.
Doesn’t get away from the fact that male underwear is pretty boring though.

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I have read all the back and forth with interest but feel it’s too black or white. What is missing between functional supportive tighty whities and so called “lingerie” is something for men that serves it’s purpose yet still feels sexual or sensual to wear.

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@marbles1 … it may only be boring from your perspective as someone with an obvious kink. Perhaps a better opinion to consider , would be what women consider boring in male underwear.
As often the case , its women who purchase mens underwear for them.
I cant remember the last time i bought underwear myself.
Personally i think womans lingerie on men , looks just comical… my opinion, each to their own.

There are a couple of websites that do lingerie that’s designed for men but I find most mens underwear is either novelty designed and not wanting to sound wrong but otherwise aimed at the gay community, and I say that being bisexual myself. It just looks like stuff worn in gay porn.

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I’d agree, and in a strange way that’s part of the appeal and I know that when I emerge from the bathroom in stockings, suspenders and bra I look totally foolish from a certain point of view and my OH does sometimes laugh out loud, but sharing the stupidity of it is partly what makes it sexy for us (we also like a bit of sploshing for the same reason) and on top of that there’s the underlying role reversal psychology of it all.
Situation isn’t helped if lingerie is stretched out of shape or bursting at the seams. Correct sizing and fitting is vital.
I also think it’s important to realise girls’ lingerie on a man will look slightly wrong. That’s the whole idea. I never try to look/become female by wearing lingerie and don’t go as far as things like wigs or makeup. Nothing against those who do but it just doesn’t add anything for me.


@marbles1 . Hey if you and your Mrs enjoy it, crack on …its your fun to enjoy.!!

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Ok… so we are about 100 posts in on this topic with lots of opinion shared. Let’s start designing. Pardon the pun but I think guys are covered with thongs. You can get big ass pouch ones or snug fitting ones, even female ones if that’s your thing. Briefs and boxers available from any big box store. What is missing that you would like to buy? I will start with Brazilian cut back. I like the half wedgie feeling rather than full on thong. I like a choice up front. Loose if I am wearing weights but snug if it’s stinking hot and I need to keep the boys off the legs. Colour doesn’t matter to me but I do like the distinction between waist band and underwear.