Wife in heels

my ex used to love me wearing heels and short skirts out in public it used to turn him on but the night always got cut short as he would have to drag me home! Was always worth it tho!

Don't all men love women in high heels??? Though in our eariler day's I used to wear skirts just below the knee with "popsock" tights and the number of times I came home with my knickers in my handbag !! High heels are sexy for men and women,just not very practical for wearing all day.

I wear high heels so often I find it difficult to walk in flat shoes -- so all the shoes I own have at least 3" heels. I don't think they're too impractical unless you're planning on taking a walk through the countryside!

My hubby loves me in heels too...he would love em better if i wore them on their own... no clothes to spoil the look :P

my hubby is the same..he love's me in the buff and heels doin the house work.. it turns him on so much i never get the house work done cos we just end up having sex on the table...

heheheheh yeah I can totally identife with that ^^ except we dont got a table.. its useually the kitchen side or over the bath :O

^^laynie it must be a man thing...lol^^

lol yeah I'm sure it is...

I'm not surprised most guys love heels -- they make legs look longer and put tension on the calves to make them look taughter.

Yeah.... I need somthing to make my legs look longer cos im tiny hehehehe not even 5"

Ah, I don't really need anything (5'9.5" in my stocking soles, and I've got long legs for my frame -- it's a nightmare to find trousers, but with legs this long I probably shouldn't cover them up anyway! lol), but I just really love the way I feel in a nice pair of heels.

I think you were born with half of my height :O I would have loved to have been 5" lol........... I too have long legs for my frame... not that I have long legs cos im short lol... but a pair of heels really makes em look nicer.. I just bought some new ones they are black with a bow one them... the in side is all pink :P lovely... the bow isnt like one from the eighty's :P its tiny but nessesery :P I call em my leagally blonde shoes.. I could just see Elle woods struting around in em :P ;)

Shoes are generally a thing for girlswe love wearing them the higher the sexier.

Ooh, the new shoes sound lovely, Laynie :) I love shoes with bows, and there's something about cute insides in a shoe that makes them so much more tempting (it's silly really as few people will see the insides, but oh well!)

Does LoveHoney sell shoes big enough for men? I know it can be hard to find shoes just at the higher end of women's sizes...I hate to think what a man with a large foot has to go through to get a cute maribou feather accented mule.

I don't know about lovehoney, but http://www.alternative-footwear.co.uk (I'm recommending them so much on here, wonder if I can get an advertising deal, lol) certainly do heels in guys sizes (most of them go up to a 12, I think).
Maybe I'm odd but I find a guy who can walk well in heels a big turn on. My man has a lovely pair of patent black ones :)

See, I rather appreciate a man who doesn't know anything about heels other than that he likes the way they look. I get a lot more foot adoration after wearing a pair for him, that way. :)

:O A guy in heels :S no way... its ok for others and I can see how it would look funny but not for sex reasons :P
My brother came to my 15th birthday slumber party in a black dress and heels.. and at tyhe night he slept in a red silky night dress heheheheh *looks back and giggles*
My mum said it was a girl only affair but he is my best mate so I said if he wore a dress he could come lolololol
he looked good as a woman we called him Andrea all night instead of andrew hehehehee

I am trying to get hold of some for a future Rocky Horror Show. I went in suspender belt and stockings last time, but felt the male footware sort of spoilt the effect. Thanks for the footware link Miss-Nomer, it looks very useful

Hi Kam,
Is she considering piercings/ body jewellery as well? - that way we get to see more of her lovely bod.