Womanizer and wand help


I posted a thread on hear about the free womanizer offer and wasn’t happy about it when I received it, turns out the Mrs was very pleased with it, slot! The free offer lasts 30 minutes before it dead, to be fair it’s probably out of battery now so first question…

There is so many to buy and I know all women are different so I’m asking all women who have different ones which you found best.

I saw thing one…

Is this a good one for her?

Also I’m a massive wand fan, got numerous Lovehoney ones deluxe and all and doxy wands except the new one that came out, wasn’t overly impressed with reviews on here and other places but I’ve seen one below and every review I’ve read are great but with the shape of the head do wand attachments fit like hammerhead or will it be just the wand itself?


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In terms of the Womanizer, I have the Starlet and the Premium. I have found that the more intensity settings the toy has, the smaller the step up between each (so it depends if your wife likes her toys to have a big step up between settings or not). The other thing I’ve found is that the size of the head makes a difference, but you won’t know what you prefer until you’ve tried them (for example I like pinpoint precision in normal vibrators but prefer a larger Womanizer head). The Pro40 is a good balance of the different options out there though.

In terms of the wand, I think you’ll struggle to find attachments that fit as it is too small for the standard attachments but too big for the mini attachments.


There’s a Womanizer comparison chart that you may find useful?

Thank you Ian, I already ordered and just a minute back got email from royal mail they’ve got my parcel ready to delivery.

Order pro40 and the wand I posted about along with other goodies, spent a fortune this last couple of weeks on here.

Happy days

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The Pro40 doesn’t come with both head sizes in the box, but you can buy the XL ones separately. :+1:

And I hope you’re remembering to use your 25% off £40+ Unlimited discount. :slightly_smiling_face::+1: