Women getting wet before sex

I think I probably already know the answer to this but I'm going to ask anyway.

When ever you read erotic fiction it has the heroine with soaking wet knickers at just the thought of what's about to come (or should that be cum!).

Now my OH can get pretty damp down there but nothing like the fantasies make out.....so it is only fantasy or do some women really soak their knickers before they've done the deed?

No. I'm sure there are a few women who produce copious amounts of cum immediately but personally I rarely have cum dripping out at all, the first time me and OH got physical I did (a little fumble) but even when I knew I was going to have with my soul mate for the first time I was wet but not fictional story wet

I'm on the fence with this one. In extremely rare circumstances (like a handful of times in my life) I have gotten so wet I would want to change my undies before we actually go to have sex >.<
But it's a stupidly rare things that happens, and certainly the books make it out to be much more than what is normal even for high arousal in most people...

I have a high sex drive, and it is also easy for my OH to turn me on. I have to say I consider this normal - at least normal for me.

When arroused a women produces a natural lubricant so that sex isn't painful. So to me it is normal that when extremly aroused a womans body can produce a lot more lubrication.

There's certain things that the OH just has to say to me, which turns me on. That gets me thinking about it and picturing it, getting me more turned on and then extremly wet.

I never get that wet when on my own, but certainly even before sex when I'm with the OH it does and can happen qute frequently.

Even in the more uptight times when most mainstream books tended to be somewhat less explicit, heroines of romantic stories got covered in thousands of kisses and felt like their hearts were about to burst with excitement. Obviously, authors exaggerated a bit, very few hearts that beat within chests of reasonably healthy people feel like that, and it takes a fairly long time to cover anyone in thousands of kisses... Somewhat over the top, to play up the romantic drama, it may be technically possible to give so many kisses in one session but it is highely unlikely and some women can get wet on rare occasions but it is just about as rare as receiving all those kisses.

Yeah you get wet in preperation for sex but I hate how in stories it's running down her leg and her panties are soaked, I get wet at the thought of exciting sex, but wet to the touch, maybe damp to the touch panties but for vanilla sex I need foreplay. Every woman is different, erotica and porn give an unrealistic expectation of men and women and people think they're underperforming when they're not at this level

Also everyone is different. Sometimes I surprise myself by how wet I am. Sometimes I'm really horny but I'm not wet... This is why I love lube.

Sometimes I can get very wet, new pictures or stories but most times it needs working at.

Every woman is different, unfortunately porn and erotic fiction lead us to believe every woman should be dripping wet with the first kiss!
Sometimes I'm wetter than others, it all depends on my mood but even when really aroused I'm not soaking my knickers but there's certainly enough to do the job so to speak!

I have drenched my knickers a few times, though not a regular occurence. It usually isn't the OH that causes it (unlike in erotic fiction) I just get really really keen for no reason that I know of.

I do the thought of sex evenn if its just imaginary can make me soaking wet so much so that i very rarely need lube to use my toys

I have never been wet to the point of "having it running down my legs" as I read in another message, but I do get very wet when I am aroused and my knickers are damp everytime! My man loves it and I have never needed any lube in my life ;)

This is an interesting one. I've also never had it "running down my leg" and when I was with some of my previous boyfriends I had trouble getting wet before sex.

Not so with my current man. We have pretty amazing chemistry and he only has to be in the room and I'm damp (we worked together for a while and it was incredibly distracting). Now it happens whenever I even think about him, knickers and all...

I don't know why but I'm pretty dry there. During sex or after an orgasm I'm wet but we always need lube.
Just the way I am I guess.

I never used to get wet before foreplay, however, just recently I have and that can start just by being kissed by my OH - but as I said this is all new (And it definately is running down my legs wet, maybe damp knickers at most)

Women are complex creatures and we're all different with our mental and physical responses. For me most of my arousal is mentally triggered, so I don't often need physical stimulation to soak my knickers through! I also don't usually need lube to use my toys. Never been to the dripping level though, I think that's a fictional embellishment.

I can recall at least one event of me being so wet that it was running through my underwear and down my thighs. I was sitting down reading a 300+ page doujinshi and was so into it I became unaware of what else was going on. I only realised I was wet when I felt something wet between my knees and looked down in a panic. It was surprising and I actually felt quite amused when I realised what it was.

The rest of the time? I struggle to get wet at all. I can be super turned on but my body just doesn't listen to me.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that it varies.

There are times i can get really wet and my pants do get soaked through. That is normally when i have not had sec for a while and i know its going to be good. Usually i will tease and build myself up which makes me wetter. Then there are times i am wet but not so wet i soak mu pants.

I believe it can also vary for women depending on where they are in their monthly cycle. You never hear about that in erotica:

"Clearly she was due to start menstruating, because her panties were drenched" :D

It varies for me, like all the other comments above. I can also remember one or two occasions where it actually did run down my leg, but I am talking 2 or 3 incidents in 15 years. During prolonged foreplay, or if I am especially aroused that day, I can make my pants damp/wet, but it is usually a little spot. Can't say I have ever "soaked" my knickers. Erotica embellishes though. I mean, have you ever read an erotic book in which they describe the guys penis as anything less that "amazing, huge, massive, thick, perfect" These guys always have bigger than the national average of 5. something inches. Usually they are around 8 inches (from my recollection)

Erotica is fantasy, just as porn is fantasy for men (and women...not to generalise lol). It is designed to get as many readers as possible, aroused. It makes sense then that they try to exaggerate the hottest parts of sex...the wetness, the sizes, the orgasms, the moaning...etc to really paint a perfect, arousing fantasy in your mind. It wouldn't work so well if they described "normal" sex...

"He pulled down her panties, noticing she was still dry, he grabbed the lube"

Yeah...take it with a pinch of salt and just enjoy the fantasy I guess!

Fluffbags wrote:

I believe it can also vary for women depending on where they are in their monthly cycle. You never hear about that in erotica:

"Clearly she was due to start menstruating, because her panties were drenched" :D


Before I lost my ovaries it had more to do with ovulation than arousal for me. The days just before ovulation (not menstruation, interesting that Fluff's example is opposite to mine) were the best for it., the last week before menstruation the worst. "Natural family planning" methods (timing sex to decrease or increase the chance of getting pregnant) use mucus levels as one of the body's signs of when a woman is at her most fertile.