Would you and your partner go on a nudist beach

Have always thought about it. Would have to be abroad… too cold here. Think theres quite a few etiquette rules but surely its gotta make you horny… That could be another problem though. lol


We go to naturist beaches each summer both in the UK and Europe. They are so liberating and relaxing.

I wouldn’t worry about erections if you do the first time it will soon disappear. A lot of people have this concern but it’s definitely not the norm.

If you do go you will see couples and families of all ages and sizes. It certainly won’t look like a porn film location​:joy:


Sounds very liberating and I would consider it but I know the wife would never entertain the idea.


There are some Fantastic naturist beaches in Spain and I love going there as it’s generally seen as normal over being an exhibitionist when in the uk

As a woman I love to feel my breasts getting a bit of Sun and also enjoy my husband rubbing Sun cream into my breasts - however don’t get sun burn or it could end up being very sore


That’s what I’ve always thought about on the horny side! :sweat_smile: and so i probably wouldn’t partake in a nudist beach but might just accidentally wonder onto one out of curiosity lol

I would love to but spouse wouldn’t. We both stay in good shape but she has never wanted to go nude public.

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My OH wouldn’t but i have been on a few and they can be sexually arousing when in the company of other adult nudists on the beach and in the water.

Id love to go to a nudist beach but the wife isnt keen on the idea.


Yep, we’ve done it in this country, fantastic and freeing feeling


I would love to, it would probably be a gradual undressing for me, but I’d enjoy feeling free and feeling the heat of the sun on all my bits


I have no issue going to a nudist beach. I’d be up for it, but my wife probably isnt. She is a bit body conscious…even though she has a great body. Nonetheless it’s her body.

I wouldn’t bring it up, but I have occasionally looked it up to stumble upon a beach and see if she brings it up.

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I’m happy to, but OH has body-image issues. Even when I tell her they aren’t “nude,” but “clothing optional” on this side of the pond.

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Hell yeah. I love her body and she has amazing boobs i would love to see other men/woman looking at her

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We’ve been on nude beaches quite a few times. We’ve done it a few times with friends. When soft I have a really small penis and find it quite liberating.

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We go frequently, in Europe when on holiday (in fact we usually check there is an appropriate beach nearby) and here in the UK.
Very liberating, typically not at all sexual. If any incidents arise just cover with a towel or lay face down. I’ve had to do this on a few occasions as MrsJ does like to tease.

Best advice is relax, enjoy the feeling of freedom and remember the sunblock.

Try it, first time just take a deep breath and strip off, no one is taking any notice and certainly not judging you.

We can’t recommend it enough.



don’t think I have the body confidence with all my wobbly bits…plus I need factor 50 at the best of times :rofl:

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Talked with OH about it. She doesnt like the idea coz she has what she describes as horrendous stretch marks from child birth and a scar on her leg from an operation. I said “your not the one thats gotta come out the cold sea” Im a grower not a shower at the best of times. Would still go though.

Yes, i love going with my husband.

Something about knowing people are seeing me naked is a huge turn on for me.

Is that weird?


A couple of points.
First, pretty much everyone has " wobbly bits." It comes with being over 30.
Second, when you go to a clothing-optional beach, nobody pays much attention to you. It’s considered rude to ogle.

That said, it feels good to get sun on your nether regions. Been there, done that.


Try it once. Once you get over the initial self-consciousness, it feels very good.

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