Would You Buy Your Flashlight From Love Honey?

Hi All

I have been looking for Stamina Training Unit Fleshlights on different websites using Google and found two that are pretty good and a bit cheaper then Love Honey, but would you buy your Fleshlight from Love Honey? as they are doing a special offer as if you spend £30 or over you receive a Free O'My Luxury Silicone Vibrator. I am a male so I would not have any use for this and don’t have a girl friend:(

Has anyone actually tried to sell the Free O'My Luxury Silicone Vibrator on a proper sex auction website or where ever to the full price of £29.99? Just curious.

Many Thanks for reading this and Many Thanks to the people who reply to it.



Yes I would - Lovehoney are the most respectable internet company I know of, with the best customer service. If you send them money you KNOW you'll get the goods (not the case with some) and that they'll be genuine too.

The Free O'My Luxury Silicone Vibrators are CRAP (I got one free a few months back). I doubt they'd get to full £30, but it'd make you something. Even if it only sold for a tenner, that still cuts down the price of your flesh light.

Thanks BBG for replying as you probably found out I am still waiting for a full refund from Love Honey it has been at least 3 working days since they received the item I posted to them now so hopefully they will refund me next week if not then I will message them and ask through the PayPal dispute I opened for extra security as the item did cost me £129.99 after all. I will soon see if they are a respectable internet company or not and with the best customer service. W

ith PayPal you are protected so if the item does not arrive or it is not as described they will refund you which is great I think. Hi crayola thanks for the reply, ow that the Free O'My Luxury Silicone Vibrators are CRAP, can I ask why they are crap? is it because it is hard to put the batteries in as I found it difficult, just to test to see if it worked and I thought the vibrations were strong?! aw thanks crayola that you would make me something to sell even if it only sold for a tenner that is very kind of you thanks, yeah it sure will cut down the price of my fleshlight;). I swear Love Honey have hired there prices up on there Fleshlights as it was about £34.98 not long ago. They probably done that because of the prices of fuel, greedy Russians!

Out of curiousity what will you make crayola a sex toy? lol

Syntax error- what did the message above intend to say? lol

It's crap basically because I couldn't feel anything once it was up there. Have you got the one with a clit thingy? Knock off of a rabbit lol. Mine doesn't have that, so I suppose that might make a difference, but the one I got was a g-spot one, with really strong vibrations, and what should've been a great textururised design, but it was such a silly girth that it took ages to get warmed up enough to get it in (let be crud- it's OA! lol) even with lube, and then I could feel nothing while I was using it- and that was with a very horny man behind me, so I would've expected psychological pleasure even if the vibrator didn't hit the spot! :)

Hello crayola

Lol once I read it again it sounded like make crayola a sex toy, but that is not what I meant as you know what I mean really;-) what would you make for me to sell for a tenner? now that sounds better lol. Don’t tell me you are one of those women who likes a bumpy ride and not a smooth one lol. That is a bummer that you could not feel anything:( sorry yeah it does have a clit stimulator on it or as you said knock off of a rabbit lol. I did not realise that you could buy one without I do now! this type would probably give you girls a few orgasims;-) your so naughty crayola but I like you lol.;-) yeah lets be crud:-D

I was going to say if you did have two holes filled up then you should have expected psychological pleasure even if the vibrator didn't hit the spot!;-) I suppose we can not always expect miracles lol. Don’t tell your man I said that LOL!! "1984Virgin running away quickly" lol.

The O'My Vibes ARE crap... I have the one I think you're talking about, 1984Virgin, and I wouldn't pay a penny for it having used it! I got it for free with an order as well... here's my review if you're interested: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/orgasmarmy/vibrators/o-my-luxury-silicone-curved-vibrator/review/11434.aspx

I'd say you could try and flog it somewhere, but I doubt you'd get much for it. Best of luck with the refund from LH... 130 quid is a bit of a stinger to lose!

The fee vive offer on LoveHoney at the moment is a Whisper, not an OMy. Whispers are great!

@ 1984Virgin & Everyone
We always deal with refunds as quickly as we can. There is absolutely no question of you not getting a refund if you have returned a product to us that you didn't like or ordered by mistake.
LoveHoney is the only company that lets you return products for a year after purchase!
If anyone's in any doubt about our good intentions and excellent customer service, you can check out our Shopzilla profile and eBay shop profile.
We try very very (very!) hard to keep everyone happy.
@ 1984Virgin
We've forwarded the thread to our customer service department so they can deal with it straight away.
Don't forget you can send us a message online or call us free on 0800 915 6635 at any more
We'll reply very quickly.
All the best,
PS yes, I would buy a Fleshlight from LoveHoney... But then I would say that, wouldn't i? ;-)

I can personally vouch for the amazing service Lovehoney give you - I'm a VERY satisfied customer! There's no company more trustworthy IMHO :-D

Ooh, yeah I saw the whisper one... very intrigued!

Ditto- I've never had a problem with anything LH has sent me, and now you're the only place I'll use.

Hi shellyboo

When I read your post I immediately looked at your review and the other reviews about the O'My Luxury Silicone Curved Vibrator on LoveHoney and nobody on there liked them either, yeah you are right it is the one that I am talking about;-) by the sounds of it I would not pay a penny for it if I were a female either as it does sound rubbish. I also got the free O'My Luxury Silicone Curved Vibrator when I bought the Doc Johnson Briana Banks Vibrating UR3 Pussy & Ass and LoveHoney did let me keep it when I sent the item above back no guesses why they let me keep it lol, but it was nice of them to though.

Yeah I will definitely try and flog it somewhere, well I can always try and get as much as I can for it. Thank you shelly boo £129.99 is allot of money to lose on an item that is faulty and I have some great news LoveHoney gave me a full refund yesterday even though it took 5 working days to process when they said it would only take a few working days but at least I got a full refund so I am very happy. I am new to buying sex toys and buying them from LoveHoney I am slowly trusting them but as they say time will tell, but I look forward to a bright future with LoveHoney.

I tell you what shellyboo if I buy my Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit from LoveHoney I could sell the Ultra Sonic Whisper Quiet Vibrator 7 Inch to you for 14.99 + p&p if you like? using PayPal.

Hi happycamper

Lol I can not help it if I spell my worms wrong or is that words I can not remember doh! Lol. Torch action sounds fun lol.

Hi OA Sex Chimp

Thank you for forwarding my thread to your customer service department so they can deal with it straight away but it was being processed already as I contacted your customer service department the week before last and they agreed to give a full refund when I posted the item to them of course and last week the parcel was delivered to them on either Monday or Tuesday as I used Parcel Force 48 and I received a full refund yesterday. I think you would say you would buy a Fleshlight from LoveHoney as you work for them lol!;-) you tried though lol.

crayola why have you gone all quite on me and not answering my question? Your not having to much sex are you lol.

^^ Five working days IS only a few working days surely?

And I can guarantee you that any other company would've laughed in your face if you'd asked for a refund on a used sex toy!

Working days start from Monday to Friday as working days does not include weekends so from Monday or Tuesday last week to Tuesday (yesterday)= 8 days from Monday and 7 days from Tuesday. That is not true at all BBG other companies would not have laughed in my face because the item was quite clearly faulty, in fact it was a manufacturer fault! it does not matter whether it was used of not as that does not come into the equation when the item is clearly faulty.

I got the Five working days wrong on my post above your post BBG thanks for that.

I have got it right you are getting me confused BBG by questioning my own post:-D

You should be so lucky! I had to return an item to a (so called) reliable company, first they said they had n't received it (yeah), secondly when it miraculously appeared at their warehouse they took, as "they" quoted a few days for refund, which turned out to be 4 weeks, plus a precentage for a re-stocking fee on a faulty item. I think LH have been very fair indeed to you.