You know you've got too many sex toys when... wish there was a universal sex toy recharger, because all the wires get tangled in your bedside drawer.

when you have 6 boxes stacked up in your bedroom, all sized 2.5ft x 3ft full of sex toys..........*whistles*

When you are running out of places to store them and can't remember where they all are...

Totally agree with the universal charger!

You know you don't have enough when you have a shopping list the size of your arm...

.... when they take up more space in your wardrobe than clothing.

... when you start replacing peoples words in your your mind during conversations with the word 'sex toys'.

... when you realise there's no such thing as too many sex toys!

... when you try to replace your partner's batteries??

...when you ca't decide which one to start with.

Avrielle_Aniko wrote:

...when you demand your boyfriend stands out in the cold for an hour before sex, so he can vibrate.

ROFL. Brilliant.

When you spend more on batteries than on beer

When you cant find the one you really want

when you have duplicates of things


i can see the bloggers have the same issues lol

when you have to spend £££ on LH toy bags to store them in, then find out you need more bags!!!

When your friends make dildo jokes and you get serious and lecture about material safety and company names.

When there is no more hiding places, you hide them under the carpet!

When you cannot remember when you used some of them!

When you start buying matching sets of luggage to store them in

When you start every sentence with "Me and my rabbit..."

.... when you wonder if your rabbit will do a better job at whipping cream than your electric whisk

... the TV remote has been without batteries for nine years.

dotdashdot wrote:

When you start every sentence with "Me and my rabbit..."

when you have to state which of your rabbits