Your man wanting anal

Would it bother you if your man said he'd like to try anal. Even a real cock?

I don't think the problem is if we want anal (I think most of us do), it's how we handle the 'no' if the female doesn't want to try.

No, I think sexuality is on a scale, and wanting to experiment is fine, don't get me wrong though I wouldn't be cool with my OH having sex with anyone else regardless of gender (though if we were to get more adventurous that could change)

Also men have really good anal if they can chill and enjoy it. My OH got a toy to use on his own or with me so he gets to do it, just not with a guy. We also tried a strap on but I wasn't great at using it, though it was a cheap one so I'd be interested in trying a better one.

I like anal, why can't he? Though I understand why you'd be bothered by it, there's no reason to be - just talk it out and think about why it bothers you.

Sex is fun, don't agree to something you're not comfortable with, but try keeping an open mind

Looks like I misread the OP - typical me. When my wife brought up the idea of her trying anal, she asked if she could use toys on me. I had already experienced toy fun before - easy yes!

Think it's something many men would like to try. We play with anal toys and he has tried taking a real cock, glad he had the experience but decided it's not for him. But he likes 'topping' other men.

I've been in to anal ever since my teenage years. Both with toys and other men. I only ever receive and have never given to another man.
I've been married twice and one other long term relationship. None of those have ever been aware of my passion for anal. I think both past and present partners would be shocked and maybe a little horrified. So it unfortunately remains my little secret.
I agree with comments above - for years it's been acceptable for women to want and enjoy anal and yet has been some huge stigma for guys to like it. Almost if you have to be considered gay if you like anal. I consider myself bi cos I like having sex from other men but it's just the anal I like. I've never met a man I fancied or was attracted to. I just wanted one part of his body ha!!

My wife says, I would like anal with a guy giving and receiving if I was not married , though not a 'gay' relationship just the sex and she's probably right given my passion for huge butt plugs and fisting.

Put simply, anal can feel amazing, in a completely different and equally overwhelming way to a normal orgasm.

For those of us who are so inclined, I suppose it is naturally to fantasise a bit about the real thing back there, I have, but for me it’s just a fantasy when aroused, I have no interest in actually being with a man, and I discovered that my partner can full that hole just fine lol.

My wife and I both enjoy anal sex. What initially started out with her receiving anal Sex from me or toys developed into her giving me anal sex initially via fingers then fisting. Lots of different toys including pegging have now come into play.

It was actually my wife, as was girlfriend, who first inserted a finger into me whilst giving me oral sex. Although nothing really followed on from that for several years apart from switching roles and her receiving it, it was I who subsequently broached the subject of her performing anal on me. It was a little nervy asking her if she would use a peg on me but thankfully she was willing to and now loves to pleasure me and herself whilst doing me.

I personally have no desire to have sex with another man so the issue of wanting a penis obviously does not fully answer your question but if I were to then it most certainly would bother her I believe.

I did anal with my OH and after 3 - 4 insertions she said never again as it hurt her due to my size. she is OK with a small butt plug but will not take me anymore. :-( I have discussed her 'doing' me and have recently bought a strap on for her to try She has agreed to do it but said it will hurt me! We haven't got around to using it yet but when the mood is right I am sure we will give it a go.

I think anal for men is still a very taboo subject when it comes to a relationship with a woman as they don’t know how to approach the subject. Pegging is becoming more common, but just starting with rimming and a finger is a great way. When it comes to taking the real thing it is much different than a Dildo ever would feel. I think it’s natural for men to want to explore and experiment with anal, but it’s all to do with how their other half handles it too :-)


It wouldn't bother me him wanting to try anal. It would be more so that he wanted sex with someone else.

I'd be happy to try pegging ECT but another partner is a no no.

Delboy1991 wrote:

It wouldn't bother me him wanting to try anal. It would be more so that he wanted sex with someone else.

This. I am very happy to peg Mr JJ and do so frequently. I also give him anal with toys, fingers etc but I would not be happy if he wanted sex with someone else xx

I like Anal play but my OH always makes it seem weird. Like when talking about it it's a thing, like a different tone in her voice, and it's off putting. I've tried explaining that but she doesn't get it.

ATM I don't have any toys and I've never had more than a massager. I'm not attracted to men but the idea of a dildo has been growing on me (no pun intended). The question is if I try it and like it will I wonder for the real thing?

My advice is be open about your feelings in a neutral way as possible if it's a no. The harsh rejection may cause issues with honesty.

Terri JJ wrote:

Delboy1991 wrote:

It wouldn't bother me him wanting to try anal. It would be more so that he wanted sex with someone else.

This. I am very happy to peg Mr JJ and do so frequently. I also give him anal with toys, fingers etc but I would not be happy if he wanted sex with someone else xx

I totally feel the same as Terri. altho Mr.Spider 'says' he really doesn't want anything up his bum (yet mwhahahaha) we have discussed threesomes, but tbh, I don't think I could handle seeing him with anyone else, male or female. He's mine!!

But my lovely, only you can decide what is and isn't good in your relationship. We can all say how we feel... but it's about how YOU feel. Only do what you are comfortable with and don't be pressured into something you're not 100% up for. xx

I think it’s great that he’s comfortable enough to share that with you! Take it as a compliment.

It really depends on what you’re comfortable with but it will make him a very happy man if you surprise him with an anal toy or strap on!

I would be very happy to have and actually hope for a partner open to anal but not with someone else, this would be no different to me than if they went with another woman. I may consider and even suggest a M/M/F threesome in a well established relationship as I find two men together a huge turn on but them seeking it outside the relationship, nope.

I would love to peg a guy. I have used a toy on one ex partner but would love to try more. I think men wanting anal is totally normal there's nothing in kink and sex that isn't "normal" is there. We are all different :) The thought of a man receiving anal from peg or real penis is a turn on to me. I'm terrible at explaining haha.

Basically I think its great and try not to be closed minded about other peoples kinks especially when it comes to the bedroom as a lot of fantasies and kinks are exact that a fantasy is differemt for everyone and it gives them total release sexually and mentally.There's things I'm into that he isn't and vice versa. :)

Both the OH and myself love anal! She is a real anal queen and also loves to peg me which I love! I must admit the more anal I have recieved the more I am curious what it would be like to take a real cock! This though will always stay a curiosity as there is no way my OH would ever let me find out and I could never cheat on her and go behind her back to try it!

Well, my husband loves being pegged (and regularly is), but I would really like him to try a real cock (whilst I am there of course) as a real one is sooo different from a silicone one. He is open to the idea, and I know he'd love it.