Your perfect ‘wake up sex’?

Hi everybody...

I just wondered what peoples views are on morning sex, particulary ‘wake up sex’. Like you are litterally waking up because your OH/partner etc is pleasuring you...

Thanks, look forward to the insight.

I love waking up to oral, makes me feel great for the rest of the day!

Thanks Mr Pheebs, yes I know what you mean. Anything that could make it even better or if you (anybody) has like a wake up fantasy etc... “I would d love to wake up to...”

Morning sex accounts for 90% of our sex life for a long time, not "wake up sex" as such, but first thing.

Ever since kids and we stopped sleeping naked, spontaneous wake up sex is a thing of the past. I used to love spooning Mrs Sen, sliding myself between her cheeks nudging her from behind to initiate sex.

ahh, the memories

We have a lot of wake up sex. My OH often sleeps on front with one leg bent out so I wake her up by playing with her; she either writhes against me to keep going or lays on her back which is the signal to go down on her... always a pleasure either way 👌

Waking up with a morning glory and prodding my wife usually gets the right response from her.

If she feels like it I am usually awakened by a BJ just like Mr Pheebs!

Lovely way to start the day!

Why can you sleep naked because of kids? I have always slept naked even though we have a child

Mornings are our time, when we worked Saturday and Sunday mornings were 'musts' and they still are, plus the occasional before-sleep and in the night occasions. We both seem to feel extra horny in the morning!

We have always slept nude and often fall asleep 'spoons' style. Both of us wake the other now and again by playing with them. When swinger friends stay over we always have morning group sessions, we actually think they are more fun than the evening ones.

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We tend to have evening sessions due to having a child... Almost got caught once ain't risking that again!!
But when we go away it's nice to have a little morning session if we feel awake.
I'm always so tired in the mornings that's the problem

Having a morning glory taken care of by the wife is a fantastic way to start the day.
Always fancied being woken up with a bj. I might have to drop some hints!

As above we rarely have morning sex as the kids wake before we do! It was my favourite time of day too, already relaxed and energised.

Awesome, cool insights, seems like having kids changes things up a bit ! ha

i love wake up sex, waking up being kisssed or licked in the middle of the night always gets the right response from me !!

Not a fan! I don’t even like being kissed in the morning. Morning breath kills the mood for me I’m afraid

I use to wake up to my ex blowing me every morning but my new girlfriend does nothing like that. She’s not a morning person

Sadly I have night terrors about past sexual experiences and waking me with sex carries a 50/50 chance that I will freak and lash out; depending on the night I've had.

My OH doesn't wake me with sex, but we've only been living together just under a year and he's never outright asked about my "disturbed" sleep, out of not wanting to make me talk about it. Though he knows the vague outline.

On a good night I love to be woken that way, there's just something about wake up sex you can't beat. My ex was good at gauging if it was ...... Erm safe...... To wake me that way.

I'd tell the OH if he asked but it is about the only thing I can't bring myself to start a conversation about since it means talking about the disturbed sleep.

As someone who also has had this problem as hard as it is I’ve found talking helps it.

The only time my OH really instegates sex is on a Saturday morning when he wakes me up. I absolutely love it. One of his fantasies is to wake up to me either giving him a BJ or if he is already hard then me on top. The trouble is, he is ALWAYS awake before I am so for me to accomplish this I would have to get up at like 4.30am and Im a girl who loves her sleep haha. One day maybe ;)

I want nothing more than o be woken for sex but she just doesn't want it. If I tried it on I'd die.

Guy14357 wrote:

As someone who also has had this problem as hard as it is I’ve found talking helps it.

It's weird I can talk so freely about stuff when people ask. It was a long time ago and I've moved past it in all but sleep. Stupid dream brain don't know when to stop. But I can't bear the thought of bringing it up with the one person whom I can't imagine looking at me the way some people do when they find out the details.