You're REAL Photo?

My OH said i was mad to put my real photo as my profile pic on LH incase people I know use the site and see....

I'm really not worried if people I know know I'm on here (and it means they are on here too!)

Anyone else get this feeling?

I was very careful not to be identifiable but not out of any mis-trust of you guys.

I work for a big household name & my face has been on their website. They got very peculiar about identifiable employees having drunken photos on facebook so I figured they take a dim view of identifiable employees saying "I love my husband to tie me up and spank me"

I feel the same, although my OH encourages me to include my face in photos here and gets disappointed because I choose not to!

I'm not overly worried if other people find out I'm on here and what I'm really like lol, but it's just easier for them not to know, especially as far as parents and siblings are concerned as I have to live with them! I dont mind other people knowing, but there are some people I'd deny the fact to, and this would be somewhat difficult if I was putting my face all over my naughty goings on!

I've posted a few slightly risque pictures online of myself, but I always crop out my face, edit the background so you can't recognise it, and also edit out the marks on my body that could be used to identify me from someone who knew my body.

no it dont bother me if any of my friends see me ,i take it that they are on this site for the same reasons i,m on it for

I'm me but only a bit of me so people would think is it her or not! Then if they asked i would say yes but know they have been on here too.

i work with children so can't have my picture on this where you can tell its me

VW x

Everyone who knows me knows what im like so im not fussed x

with me whatcha see is whatcha get, have now and then put a funny pic if its been a LH forum national day but soon to change it back

I want to write about sex and sexuality for a living, so I'm not too bothered about having my face up :)

sometimes I think should I have my face up here but everyone here for a laugh so don't see the problem

I work with children so nooo! x

Nice to have a little facade here. It adds to the fun. I am also the Stig

Sadly I don't have friends who are open about their sexual side and I wouldn't like to be stumbled upon. Also, I'd be mortified if any of our parents (the OH and I have seven between us!) could identify me on here!

titania wrote:

Sadly I don't have friends who are open about their sexual side and I wouldn't like to be stumbled upon. Also, I'd be mortified if any of our parents (the OH and I have seven between us!) could identify me on here!

i think id be more freaked out about my parents being on this site than them reconising me on here lol, but can see where ya comng from :)

I don't have a problem posting my photo up here, not at any mis trust to the OA, but I work with children and wouldn't want parents reading my posts when its so close to my working environment.


I wouldn't mind my friends seeing me on here - hell, most of them already know waaaay too much about me, so they wouldn't even be shocked! - but I've had some trouble with my ex's family over my daughter (they're...weird, and would love an excuse to try take her off me), have no job and am desperate to get one and can't afford to jepordise that, and my dream job involves working with kids, so I have too much to risk by publishing a true identity.

If it were just about friends, well, they mock me mercilessly anyway, if they did find me then at least I could poke back with "but you're there too!". If you're ok with that, then it's no big deal.

I would want to check to make sure your OH is not concerned about her friends rather than yours. After all, if they can see you, link it to her, and come sniggering to her, she might not be as prepared to take it as you. Probably not an issue, but worth asking to be sure.

Although there are similar threads I think this one is specific enough.

I think it depends on the type of person and that person's life. As some people have mentioned they don't post their face for family reasons or maybe because of their job.

I'm just simply a very private person on the whole. I don't have FB or do this social network malarky and I've only told one member my real name. If some one I knew was on here I think I would be identifiable with enough trawling through threads to see all the answers to those secret questions password reminders ask!

I'm also only 21, I'm not sure what I want to do in life. I'd love to be in politics and I have intentions of becoming a teacher. Both warrant limited disclosure, if they hopefully come true. I have no issues with what I think and believe but I'm also aware it could hold me back in some situations. There have been a few models on here, it makes no difference to their prospects what they reveal here so go ahead!

I take the view that if someone is a knob because they know the real you they're generally not worth knowing so I'm not too fussed about friends a and family.

I don't have it on here because I like to have some control - I do have a face photo on my OA FB because I can limit who I accept or add as a friend and everything is really private. I don't want every man and his dog to know my personal life so I like to limit who I allow to see. Most members know my real first name (or at least could make a well educated guess).

If someone I knew used the forum, they'd probably know it was me - but at least by not showing myself or using my full name there's an element of deniability if it ever became necessary! Hopefully it wouldn't but as WandA said, I'm still unsure on what I want my career to be so I need that control I think.


Were not worried if people recognise our profile pic on here, at the end of the day it's up to us, and it just show's there on here aswell

I used to be bothered but not anymore. I know my pic isnt a face pic at the moment but I have had my face on in the past. Nobodys business really. x