2 new toys in one day. I'm such a naughty girl.

Hello! No I'm not dead, I've just been busy with World of Warcraft. lol
How are you all?
Today I got 2 new toys. The first one arrived this morning and I bought the other while in town about 4pm.

This first one I got was the Vixen creations Outlaw.
Have any of you tried this dildo?
Its wonderful, but I was wondering if anyone knew if the made any bigger toys in this range?
I love the feel of the material...when its wet it feels sooo real.

The other one was the Bam from Doc Johnson.
What more can I say...just wow! Tomorrow we're gonna try using it anally (we found condoms big enough to fit this bad boy).

Has anyone else tried the Bam?
Has anyone else tried using for anal? I'm a little nervous about trying it. I've never taken anything this big before O_O
Any tips?

World of warcraft, Gratz

lol are you on there too?
I'm Daclonous the Tauren.

Tyrode Night Elf Hunter Tarren Mill server

ha ha ha. I'm sure half the people on here will have no idea what you pair are talking about. Unless they're all secretly into MMORPG's.

I'm in the half you're talking about, Gray-M. And I haven't got the faintest idea what a MMORPG is.
Last time I had anything to do with computer wars, it was horrid thingies called Space Invaders that kept descending on you till all your defences were destroyed and you lost the game ...

Hunter / Mage for me on Quel'Thalas

LOL I love how this thread went from sex toys to world of Warcraft so easily! I think sex toys and wow make a pretty good evening

Ever tried WoW roleplay?
I made a Bloodelf Warlock costume for the WoW convention a while back.
Ohhh the possibilities. >.<

Gandor Icepick Cleaver Magic Stroller Super-Gnome.


hi ancafe. I bought a Bam for one of my exs years ago... more as a joke at the time but she ended up using it quite often! ;o) I once tried it anally myself... boredom can be a dangerous thing... but didn't get very far. Perhaps my first toy (or anything) should have been a little more realistic! lol did feel amazing to be that wide though!
I am thinking of getting another one for my current gf.. she has expressed an interest. I guess my question is how much of a size queen do you think you need to be for Bam? My ex didnt have any experience of big cocks, she loved Bam, but never managed more that about 5"... my current gf has a bit more of a size queen tendency but don't want to get it if she is never going to conquer it (if you know what I mean!) - is it just going to be frustrating it is is too big or will she eventually be able to handle him all? What do you reckon? J

well going back to the sub-thread of WoW, i only suspended my account a couple of weeks ago so i could afford to get xbox live!! my fav char was my night elf priest - i was an awesome healer :) yes, there ARE girl gamers out there :p (guitar hero III rules!)

I split up with the last guy because he spent more time on WoW than on me. I currently despise the game intensly because of this. Also because I spent an hour on it and got totally bored, but then again I was playing a gnome rogue...

MMORPG= Mass Multiplayer Online Role Play Game by the way.

No wonder you were bored you played as a rogue. And yes Guitar Hero III does also rule.

Sex And games go hand in hand. Theyre both fun, exciting and can be done alone but are better with others

Yeah I shudda tried paladin or warrior.
Guitar Hero 3, now there is a game. And worms. And any old school nintendo games!
I don't have the patience for MMORPG. Half an hour and I'm bored.

Any similarity to my attitude to sex is purely cooincidential!

Hmmm - I'm still trying to work out what everyone is actually saying on this thread.

*scratches head*



*reads thread again*



*brain explodes*

BBG- find yourself a computer geek. Date him/her for three years. find yourself another. Date him/her.

Then you understand it without having to be a computer geek yourself lol.


*runs screaming from room*

Anyone up for a game of Risk then !!!!