A-Z Musical Trivia Bands and Artists

Whitesnake…Is This Love was originally written for Tina Turner, but David Coverdale decided to keep it for himself.


Making Plans For Nigel was XTCs first uk top 20 hit in 1979 it was based on parental control. From the album Drums And Wires.

Y-Yes…Trevor Horne and Geoff Downes of Buggles joined Yes for their Drama album.
This lead to Trevor Horne producing their 90125 album and their massive hit single Owner of a Lonely Heart.


Eliminator is one of a few albums that have sold over 10 million copies in America earning Diamond certification. It was their 8th studio album and sold over 20 million copies worldwide.

4 Hit singles were on the album…

1: Gimme All Your Lovin’
2: Sharp Dressed Man
3: TV Dinners

And of course 4: LEGS their most successful single and was released as a single more than a year after the album was released.

(My favourite is Sleeping bag released the year after on the Afterburner album…I love a bit of ZZ Top)

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Anthrax-The Title track of their Amongst The Liviing album is based on Stephen King’s The Stand.


Smalltown Boy released May 1984…

WOW what a moving story in the video and the lyrics…brings me to tears every time.

“You leave in the morning with everything you own in a little black case. Alone on a platform the wind and the rain on a sad and lonely face”

It was the bands biggest UK hit reaching no.3 in the UK. No.1 in the Netherlands and Belgium and No. 1 in the US dance chart.

The success of this led them to them signing a deal with London Records in Dec 1984 they released the Album “THE AGE OF CONSENT” which was referring to the fact than in 1984 the age of consent for “homosexual acts” in the UK remained at 21 while countries around Europe lowered it to 16.

They printed in the album sleeve the ages for homosexual and heterosexual intercourse in every country around the world…and the numbers of the gay switchboards across Britain and they were swamped as a result.

Great job

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(The) Cardigans…they covered both Iron Man and Sabbath Bloody Sabbath by Black Sabbath, and to be honest the sucked all the life out of them!