Advice needed.

Okies all. I knew you would be the best people to ask.

Firstly, haven't been as active the last 10 days or so. Going through what can only be described as a tragedy. My other half is unwell, not critically, but is off work. His sister, however, is fighting for her life in hospital, and is in an induced coma. Everything came out of nowhere and its all very messy.

Sex. Where do we start? I'm worried of initiating it as it is probably the last thing on his mind... but I dont want him to think I see him any less able to please me because of what's going on.

Also, I have a feeling my medical fetish isnt ever gong to be explored again with him, because of everything that's happened and the trauma etc etc.. do you understand where I am coming from? I love "examinations" from my "doctor ", but think it will be too much for him. I don't want to talk to him about it as I worry he will get defensive and then think I am insensitive for asking.

Please advise peeps. I'm going through what can only be described as a never ending nightmare.