Advice pleaaase

Hiya I'm prettying new to all this ! Me and my partner have just had our third baby and seem to be more passionate than ever ! I was just looking for some advice on what we could try to make things even more exciting as so far a covk ring some lube and a vibrator is about as far as wev got !

Sorry about the spellcheck on my phone ruining my post

Hey and welcome! I would suggest maybe just look through the guides on the site with your partner ( see what things turn you both on and have a play around.
Maybe grab one of the date type games or the sexy dice and see where it takes you. First thing I did with my partner is made a list of all the things we wanted to try and some were a complete fail and we ended up laughing and others we do daily. If you have any questions then feel free to ask as we're all from completely different backgrounds and have all sorts of fetishes here

Hi and welcome, there is a wealth of experience and help here on the forums - hope you enjoy!

Hello and welcome Ching, there are a whole world of options that you might find interesting by looking through the site, but my personal suggestion would be to try massage.

Hello and welcome to the forum 😄

Hello, welcome to the forum.

Hi and welcome :) have a look and see what you like on here...plenty of things to choice from and the community is lovely on here if you need or advice or have a question.

Though personally I would recommend the black rose handcuffs....they are brilliant and I find add a little bit of spice to the bedroom and can be used or either of you :) x

Hi,welcome to the forums.Try searching the site together and see what you both like the look of.

Hello and Welcome😀

have u had a look at the offers.

great prices on here to start you off.

it depends what your into ... bondage , role play ect ? are u a power queen? how about a stroker or something for him ?

Hi and welcome xx

I think its something as a couple perhaps you need to talk about and then check out the site for offers etc.

Welcome to the forums

Hi and welcome :)

Hi and welcome... Maybe come on LH together and make a wish list then you could see what you both fancy and go from there.

Hi and welcome to the forums. Congratulations on your third baby I'm glad things are really passionate between you and your wife. Like others have said look through the site with your wife. Depending how you feel on the subject bondage could be a good next step to take.

Welcome. LH is great for keeping your love life alive, especially after having children.

My Mrs loves anything vibrating that can massage her clit.... Wets her like a gooden.

G spot vibrators are good even for massaging the clit. The triple tickler is a good one too.


Hi and welcome to the forums xx

Hello, welcome to the forums! There are sooo many different types of toys, lubes and gels, sex aids, lingerie, etc - always worth clicking the 'OFFERS' button and seeing what's in store!

Hello and welcome. I think the best starting place is exploring the site together and deciding what takes your fancy.