Age & profession

Virtually a match, @SeaSideCpl early 60, just retired from IT.

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In our 50’s, I’m a Technical Manager, with absolutely no aspirations to climb further up the managerial tree.

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  1. And I’m a wrong un :joy:
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42 and 37 both farmers

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I’m almost 36 and the other half is almost 37.
I’m further educated but he has the better paying job by far :rofl:
I am around for the children and aging parents. All of whom have medical issues at the moment. Some long term and some, hopefully, short term.

Myself 65 and wife is 62 . Retired 3,070 days ago . My wife was a machinist and then drafter and instructor , I was a farmer , logger , firefighter , rescue diver and then machinist .


20 & a Health Care Assistant in a NHS hospital :slight_smile:


31 (f) and 39 (m). Procurement and Global Operations Manager respectively.


40 odd, master builder if I do say so myself :wink::joy:

I am 37yrs and a Nurse for NHS


61 and a retired PA and used to care for mum. Hubby 53 is in Security was ex army

Late 20s couple, project management and marketing

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I’m 26, married but right now I’m on here secretly lol and I work at a restaurant as a bartender/server


25 and I’m a Jockey

Early 50s. Retired state employee.

Mid 30’s, government blue collar union job

Mid fifties.

Behavioural Scientist/Forensic Psychologist. Mrs P is a “lady who lunches”. :joy::joy:.

I’m kidding, she does everything, cooks, cleans runs the house. Without her I’d be screwed and not in a good way. I don’t know how to work the washing machine, and if I offer to cook, which I do, there’s a look of horror I can’t describe.

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I’m 51 and work in social services. Hubby is 44 and a builder

Its good to see you @Rhilee I have not seen any posts from you recently, so its good to know you are still here. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thanks Steve, I’m trying to make a bit of time to come here, missed this community!

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