Any films/tv to watch with your partner to get them in the mood?

Thanks @LRLRL for the recommendation and comments. Will have a look at the trailer :+1:


We are currently watching You Me Her … it’s about a thruple …

Just started watching and hard to not think of her as Nancy from Peep Show

The LH blog has a list of the highest rated “steamy / intimate / romantic” shows and films on Netflix — Sex on Netflix: Where in the world is Netflix the steamiest?

( I personally haven’t seen any of them, but thought I’d pass along the list :+1: )


I found American Horror Story: Hotel to be a bit of a turn on, the series was dark and sexualised throughout, Lady Gaga as the Countess was a huge turn one, she was dressed so beautifully and sexy as a dominant woman, there are times it ‘goes a little far’ but there are some scenes that didn’t even involve sex that were quite something!

I watched Nymphomaniac Volume I and II years ago, it is quite dark and the first one is artsy, never did anything for me.

I only watched the first season of Outlander. The sex scenes were pretty darn good.


Does anyone have any recommendations for sexy things to watch as a couple? Something perhaps not quite as vanilla as 50 Shades, but not as explicit as porn.


Have been recently watching Bridgerton with the wife… definitely gets her engine started.

But yeah there’s very little in the way of decent “soft porn” these days. There’s a few interesting things on streaming like Amazon Prime Video “The Voyeurs”.

Would be interested in suggestions on this subject.


Naked Attraction :laughing:


I too would’ve also recommended both of these shows! Although naked attraction usually just makes me giggle :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Hahaha its definitely an eye opener :joy::joy::joy::joy:

I love naked attraction, I don’t watch a lot of tv but when there is a new series on then I binge watch this

My favourite film which has a sexy theme is the secretary. He is the original mr Grey in my eyes and the film has a beautiful story line.

I also enjoy the sexiness in the thriller movie Three. Kelly brook in a hot white bikini for the entire movie definitely does it for me.

I also love the series L word and that has many hot sex scenes as well. They have just brought 2 new series out as well so a lot to get through on this one.

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My personal faves are the After movie series on Netflix/Prime. Trashy, but definitely my guilty pleasure. Normal People on iPlayer. A little bit more hardcore, but Blue is the Warmest Colour has a couple of amazing girl/girl scenes.

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OH loves vampire diaries and also game of thrones or as she calls them porn fest I did find a porn parody of game of thrones

I haven’t watched it with her, but my wife said The L Word was a sexy show!

It wasn’t completely my cup of tea, but my wife and I watched Sex, Love and Goop and it really helped us try new things :grinning:

We like watching programs such as open house or getting filthy rich. Theres lots of tv shows likke that and although they are not particularly raunchy they should get you talking which in our house oftwn leads to things

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