Anyone on here into large anal toys

Any info on depth training.

I have a 17" rambone mmmmmmn

Not that large the most I can take at this point is 10 inch 5 inch diameter but good for you 👍my personal goal is to take my wife fist well past her wrist maybe even up to her elbow

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I love large anal toys and the stretched feeling that you only get from a large toy. Although, i recently ordered the Doc Johnson 10inch Hung Dildo, but was too scared to try it and returned it instead.

I can take a small fist, but certainly not to the elbow!!! I did buy some Fisting Relax lube which is awesome and certainly helped with being able to take bigger toys and a fist!!

I love short girthy anal toys but Mrs JJ prefers longer slim ones. Maybe it's a gender thing or more likely just a natural variation. 10.5 inches in circumference for me feels great and 13 inches is the longest I've tried. I've built up to girthy toys over many years and my advice is to increase very gradually and enjoy the feeling every time. Stop if there's pain or blood.

Depth training seems like it would give a psychological kick rather than a physical one. Maybe my innards aren't sensitive enough to enjoy it. The other issue is safety. I worry that a long toy could cause damage. A forearm may be safer. Go slowly and love every inch.

The Rambone is unlikely to be suitable for depth for quite a while. It takes time to work up to that depth, let alone that circumfrence. The key is to use loads of lube, and I know people always say that but I mean 25-50ml of lube and it needs to be applied inside of you. Get the longest lube launcher you can find. I have the 22 inch double dildo from here and can get up to about 17 inches now but the circumference is much smaller than the rambone.

I can take my wife's fist, and a 12" circ butt plug I've also tried with a very flexible double dildo and got to about 15 inch but I prefer the stretch to length .

Love big. I can take my wife's fist and recently it when so deep well up her foresrm that I was actually screaming and had something akin to goose pimples on my face and tingling face. Incredible feeling. Good job no one was in the house at the time. Then I've got various large dildos and pegs, some having started as my wife's. The DOC Johnson great American challenge, their cock locker 10 plus inches all of which have something of an 8.5 inch girth. Then I've just rediscovered a set of anal beads we got from LH years ago. They're eight inch plus girth. Can currently get two in aiming for the third. Different sensation to a peg but equally awesome. I keep toying with the idea of moving up to the next stage 10 inch girth.