Back after a long break

Hi all, not sure if anyone remembers me. Back after a long break from the internet/forum etc in general.

Glad to be back!

I do! Welcome back!

I do! Welcome back!

Welcome back occhi. Looking forwards to seeing you around again. :)

I do :) Good to see you again.

Lovehoney - Alice wrote:

I do! Welcome back!

Thankyou!!!! Yes, we're back more curious and dirtier than before (if thats possible!)

Lots of new questions, glad to be back!!!

FYI Alice, made a few orders since I was last on will have to review them!!! (always free to try new and freaky things!)

Dbl Post sorry.

welcome back to the fold, long time no see


I remember you! Glad to see you back again.

Hey Occhi, welcome back. Still here but rarely post these days. Hope you got everything sorted? :)

Enjoy :)

i remember, welcome back occhi

Welcome back Occhi! Nice to have you back, hope all is well there. SG

Welcome back Occhi! Nice to see you back.


All is fab with us, still being experimental etc. I'm learning to deal with things which aren't too big a deal but bother me!

welcome back, I do remember you being around a little while ago. Hope all is well now/


Nice to see you again.