Best lube when trying to get pregnant.

Me and my boyfriend have decided to start trying for a baby. I have to use lube due to scaring from surgery. I know some lubes are not sperm friendly.

I have had a look at the lubes available but I am struggling to see any that say they aid/don't get in the way of conceiving.


Yes have a specific lubricant for people trying to conceive, I think it's called Yes Baby if I remember righly. I don't think Lovehoney sell it though x

Hi Poppicat, it might be worth you getting in touch with Livechat to see if they can advise a product xx

Agree with above speak to customer chat they have great advice and if they don't add a comment to the pander to me products and they may add it

I fear live chat help might be a deadend for this type of query - when it comes to matters of wellbeing & health, that is outside of Lovehoney's area of business, and rather than give well-meant but potentially uninformed advice, they're likely to refer you to your GP or some other specialist...!

I think the best place is possibly your pharmacy or sexual health clinic. They should be able to help.

Good luck 😊


I have heard Sliquid Oceanics range is best suggested in their range.

Otherwise brands like Yes Baby would be great too.

I would pop into your local chemist if you are unsure :)

I second the sliquid lubes, it's what I used when trying and used during too - you have to be so careful with lubes even after you become pregnant.