A lube for beginners?

Hey everyone - my girlfriend recently suggested perhaps trying some lube in the bedroom, which I was pretty excited about trying too, sounds like it could be fun! Unfortunately I'm pretty lost with what to go for - we have never tried using it before and it seems like there are sooo many options out there.

Are there any suggestions on what might be a good lube to try? I'm not really sure what the potential pros/cons are... But I'm thinking we probably ought to go for something that isn't too complicated/expensive if we are only trying it out for the first time!

Thanks everyone - hoping I can get some direction here!

I think the Tracey Cox one is great for the first time:


Just the right consistency, nice packaging and no funny smell

you could also try the sliquid range as it's all body friendly, and has no chemical nasties or funny smells/tastes ect and doesn't cause irritations as it's specially designed for womens sensitive bodies.


Thanks people! If I was looking at going for sliquid, what about something like this?


I think getting something that is quite neutral and doesn't cause any irritation is pretty important as I wouldn't want her to have a bad experience and never want to try it again! But on the other hand.. would still want something that works well!

Im currently using the Liquid Silk range for pumping and what not, will try out the Sliquid next though...

Liquid Silk: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=7163

Sachets: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=19817

Sliquid im thinking of: http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=15118

Lube isn't really that complicated, though it probably seems it to a beginner!

The main difference is whether it's silicone or water based. Every lube sold on Lovehoney has listed in its description which it is. Other than that, pick one that has good reviews or whatever takes your fancy. I'm personally a fan of Durex Play. It's not the best lube I've ever tried, but it's the most accessible as most pharmacies sell it and you can often find it on offer in Superdrug.

sliquid and liquid silk both work vey well and have good staying power also.


Sliquid is an awesome lubricant, all of their range is fab. They are skin-safe, water-based and delicious (flavoured ones)

start as you mean to go on!

Maximus Anal Lubricant


its thick, silky, not just for anal, feels great, lasts AGES

We are pretty new to lubes too but thought it might be fun so we got a few different ones to try. I have to say in our opinion the best one by far was the liquid silk, it feels lovely!

Liquid silk is very slippery and nice! Depends what you want from your lube though, LS tastes like crap so don't do oral if you've been using it. I have found astroglide is neutral taste so is better for that.

Alternatively you could always try a sensation type lube, so you get a tingle, warm or cool feeling with it.