Best orgasm gel/balm

I was just wondering, what's the best orgasm gel or balm? And which one is better overall, the balms or gels?

I love the Tracey Cox orgasm gel... Its one of my favourites :)

Enough tingle to know it's there and not too much to burn the bits off ya. Lol :) couldn't recommend it more :)

Agreed, tracey cox is the only one that has worked for me

Another vote for Tracey Cox here :)

Ive found the pin ups one good, i have only tried the mint one so far. I dont know if thats the brand thats good or the mint?

Hubby has said that oral is better on him when ive just brushed my teeth as he can feel the cool minty sensation! I guess thats the same as the minty balm, it feels cool and sensitive especially when its blown on!

Pin ups is excellent,in all flavours,my wife can`t get enough of it! (A good idea is to stock up when it`s 3 for a tenner!)

I've only ever tried the Tracey Cox gel but I'd say it's definitely worth a go. At first I didn't really like it (didn't expect it to be quite such a hot, burning feeling), but once I was used to how it initially feels it's a really good one to give you a bit of extra sensation and to get you in the mood even if you're not feeling particularly horny in the beginning.

Unfortunately can't compare it to the balms as haven't tried them :)

Thanks for the suggestions.

Ended up getting the Pin Ups cherry flavour. I was going to get the Tracy Cox gel, since I prefer the idea of a liquid, but it's out of stock :/ I'll probably get one of them when they're back in stock though and compare them :)

The balm is fine,it`s a bit like the consistency of lip balm,you just rub it in with your finger.