Best plug for out and about

Hi all so looking for recommendations on decent butt plus that are good to wear out and about 😁

Do you tend to go for something with a bigger base or does it not worry you?

Thanks in advance xx

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It's important to choose a plug which fits you. I prefer a bulbous plug with a thin neck. The base isn't that important to be honest. Obviously it needs to be flat otherwise you won't be able to sit down. You need a base that isn't so small that you'll be worrying about it disappearing but if it's too large it will dig into your bum cheeks and be uncomfortable xx

My only recommendation from personal experience is that plugs with a t-bar base are infinitely more comfortable to wear walking about for ages than plugs with a round base.

These ones are brill...

Also availble in other sizes though i think LH now just sell the one size

Thanks guys will take a look 😁

I have this It's alright, I think it's maybe to large for me as I need the toilet with it in for any longer than 30mins, but it's comfy and you could probably wear it for a while, I might buy the single one instead of the double