Best position to squirt

That’s my wife. Loves me licking her clit and a finger each in her P&A. This drives her wild. She is multi orgasmic and continuously cums over and over until the sheets are soaked, face is soaked. Such a turn on for both of us. Turn on for me to just give her such pleasure.


Preferably straddling my face. Love it :tongue::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:x

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I guess I’ll have to keep trying :rofl:

The only time I’ve made my OH squirt a little was when she was on top during 69 and I was using my fingers too. She holds back a lot in other positions and says it feels like she needs to pee. I keep encouraging her to let it go but no luck yet!

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Doesn’t happen very often for me, always on my back though, usually after a couple of orgasms have happened already and with gspot stimulation…hubby always so proud lol


My oh has never actually “squirted” but I’ve made her literally gush so it was running all down hers and my legs! She was bent over the kitchen worktop at the time! It seems to be the only position for us to make this happen though.


Don’t think it matters on the position as my wife as only EVER managed to squirt 2 maybe 3 times in her life
And they were through masturbation with me stimulating rough fast sex with my fingers inside her

For me its laying on the edge of the bed with my legs spread wide thanks to a LH bondage set , OH kneels on the floor for a good view . He has a magic touch and with his fingers on my gspot can make me do it whenever we both want to . Have only been able to squirt in the last 6 months or so and we werent trying the first time it happened


Missionary with legs pushed as far back as possible

Laid on back with legs pulled right back, or on my knees


@anon65379310 i need to try this position

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Laying on my back with my legs wrapped over my husband’s shoulders whilst he gives me a deep oral licking I normally end up soaking his face but he loves it and just keeps licking to see how many times I gush


Every time I think I’m getting somewhere near she stops me​:rofl: