Best sex positions with arthritis

Hi so my wife is 27 and since having our children has begun suffering with arthritis in the hips, during sex her hips become sore and sometimes even as much as she’s enjoying the sex the pain ruins it for her. Is there anyone suffering with the same and if so what positions do you most feel comfortable in. Seems to really get her down and holds her back as sometimes she’s in the mood but then doesn’t want to suffer from the pain afterwards.


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I don’t have arthritis (I don’t think - waiting on scan results) but I do get pelvic pain and struggle in certain positions during sex. I find that anything where my legs are too bent and taking most of my weight is really uncomfortable so cowgirl is reserved for times when I’m feeling better and only for short times.

I’ll have a look at the position of the week thread and see if I can find any of the ones that I like but it might take me a while. This is the thread that has all the positions of the week in it, it would be worth having a look through to see if anything stands out to you. It’s hard to say what positions would work best for you because it depends which part of the hips are affected, we are all different and it will be a case of trying things out.

There is another thread called disability fun which has some tips that might help. You could try putting pillows under her hips or consider getting a position wedge like this one:


This is the one we use most when I’m not feeling great:

The way I would describe it is:

He lies on his side with legs slightly bent (experiment with this). She lies on her back at about a 45 degree angle to his body (that lines us up but you’ll need to play around with this too). Her legs go over his hips / thighs. It’s very comfortable and puts the back and hips of the woman into a neutral position.

Slightly surprisingly, standing positions like this work quite well. We use the edge of the sofa / a wall, door frame or something rather than a chair because the chair would probably fall over!

Or things involving the edge of the bed like this work well for me.

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The liberator wedges get alot of recommendations on here form people. Especially the hearts shaped one for partnered sex, as its easier to get your knees around apparently

Theres a whole section of the website just for positioning aids, and alot of people swear by them.

Lot of good stuff in the forum link @Kitty-Cat01 posted too. So i hope you find something that work s for both of you

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I don’t have arthritis, but I did have SPD with my pregnancies and sometimes during sex we have to stop as my hip is starting to really hurt. So have to change position, it can be really uncomfortable sometime.

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Thanks so much I’ll let her have a read through and a look and see what she thinks may work.

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My wife has rheumatoid arthritis and we use cushions, pillows etc, or positions that are more comfortable. It’s really a case of experimenting to find what’s suitable for you individually.

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I think this would be a great topic for a book like they have sex position books but rarely does anything talk about people who have disabilities or medical issues which limit them to many positions other than laying flat on your back lol!

Maybe this is something Love Honey could actually delve into and explore as a topic of interest :smiley:

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There are some out there, ive definitely seen a couple at least. One is currently on the lovehoney store. Dont have it though

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If someone makes a list of any of the PotW ones that would be good for different situations we can probably rig something up on here. :+1:

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Ahh that’s really good to hear and nice to see all walks of life are being catered for :relieved: