Birthday presents

It's my OH's birthday shortly and it's a special one (I won't say how old because she will get embrassed)

i want to get her something special but don't know where to start so I was hoping you all might have some good suggestions

Could be a bit more in-depth on her likes and dislikes on sex toys. I think it could narrow down some suggestions Golfer_guy.

Are you thinking something from Lovehoney or just general gift ideas? And what price limit have you got?? I know I would like a sports car for my birthday so in sure she would too but not sure if you're wanting to spend that much lol

To my knowledge she has never used any sex toys and we have not experimented much. I was looking to spend up to £30 due to other things

As you have not used toys before are you leaning more towards lingerie in case ahead doesn't like toys or have you discussed this and is she happy to have toys on her birthday? Size could be helpful otherwise I would suggest some lovely candles and some massage oil and perhaps some rose petals to spread across the bed.

She said she has a couple of vibrators from a year or so ago, I was leaning towards toys, maybe toys that we could use together would be ideal

Unfortunately, couples toys do tend to be pricey.
I'd go for some nice lingerie and perhaps a massage oil and candle set? You could also try a glass dildo, they're very popular and versatile

Any toy can be used together as you can use it on her ;-) maybe something with a remote control and a blindfold to make things interesting.

I hadn't thought of a remote control toy

Bullet is a good start not in your face toy small yet poweful and you can use it on her which is a added bonus this a a very good bullet , you could get a nice blindfold so you can tease her not knowing what you are going to do . You could also start the night buy giving her a massage via candlight and use this on her body she will love that . A little treat for her and you a nice cock ring letting you go all night . Then hand her all the goodies in this handy bag . You can add a little more fun dice game you could blind fold her hand her these and ask her to shake them and then drop them on the bed and you carry out the rolled dice actions which would be fun and teasing her as she has no idea what you will do . Also this stuff is lovely you can drizzle it over her body nipples clit a nice tasty treat for you too You could also get this to add a different sensation from your hand the vibration from the bullet you could use this . All this for the GRAND TOTAL of £31.44

If she not in to toys or your havent experiences much this is a nice gentle way in to the toys with a nice goodie bag for her birthday full of treats and no doubt it will only be the start of your LH collection .

Have fun x

Some fantastic ideas KF and also I think the deal of the week is some massage oil which would be free with that spend but will finish today I think.

All that stuff is on the Save 25% when you spend £10 or more on selected toys and gifts it should be £41.92 so its a saving of £10.48 happy days

Wow kinkyfuckery, thank you

you have really done your homework

No problem glad to help enjoy it, hopefully she will love it dont go in there all guns blasting with a big dick you may scare her . Have fun sorry its a little over budget !