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Myself and @FoxyLea87 have decided we would create sexual bucket list that we would like to tick off once covid etc has passed and it is safe to venture out again. (Was actually very interesting and quite a good laugh to create) Just wondered if any others had done this?


We have a “sex list” yes! We tick plenty off but seem to add just as more new things. Its been great fun!


I have a ‘f*ck it list’. Being single, it’s hard just now but when things get relatively back to normal and I can go swinging and meeting people again, I intend to tick a few more things off :smiling_imp:


Nothing as adventurous as dogging, just lots of different positions, scenarios and locations we want to try.

Wearing a butt plug out in public was one of them, it was hot!


We are wanting to explore with another man, and attend a swinging club, hopefully when things get back to normal we can start to explore


Been thinking of a “fu@k it list” myself. Including bringing up my secret desires to be pegged to my wife.


It wouldn’t be someone we know, the club would be close by. We have previously enjoyed some fun outside and in the car, it is a thrill with the thought of someone watching or catching us

It is scary to open to open up about desires, telling my wife (@FoxyLea87) that I wanted to be pegged, and then coming out as bi curious, was nerve racking but has opened up a new world of possibilities for both us, and has made us stronger , (and definitely more adventurous :smiley:)


There is nothing either of us can think of that we would like to do but haven’t already done (and we both have fertile imaginations) so we don’t have a list.

We have a bucket list every and have just updated it for 21.
There were a few carried over from last year due to Covid.

Great fun doing it and seeing how you get on.


We don’t have a list but when we talk about fantasies or things we’d like to try, we make a mental reminder and it usually isn’t long until we actually get to do it! Obviously it hasn’t worked well during 2020 since we have been meeting a lot less frequently with my partners.

However, I have a ‘’(people) to do list’'. Some of the things on it are quite superficial, while others fit better under the ‘‘sexual fantasy’’ label.
For example:
-someone who is covered in tattoos
-a redhead with a majestic beard
-father and son
-a submissive that can actually take a lot of pain

Can you mention some of the things in your list? :slight_smile:


@Smultron as you wish :smirk: Some are just expansions of things I’ve already tried. Just a few…

  1. More threesomes (but MMF). I haven’t been brave enough to do 2 guys yet. FFM is my comfort zone.
  2. Dogging (I’m dying to do this with a FWB but then a random comes to join us) I do like surprises.
  3. More pegging! I’d like 2 guys to be at my mercy.
  4. Orgasm denial. Like really push me to my absolute limits. I’m all for pushing boundaries, but need someone who I can trust fully.
  5. Try bigger dildos. The biggest I’ve had is a 6.5’’ circumference.
  6. More outdoor sex. Woods, hot tub, beach. Just anywhere that’s not inside.

Maybe not totally exciting, but that’s the basics!

@colinhill253 answer to your question - no. My hornyness stays the same all the time. No matter if I have regular sex or none at all, my personal time is exactly the same.


This sounds like a great idea I think I might have to get working on a list with hubby tonight.

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Other thing we would like to try are @FoxyLea87 wants to be completely dominated, she is also going to try and be femdom with me, (role reversal) its definitely going to be an interesting 2021 :grin:


I would say to mention it to your wife, she may enjoy the idea of role reversal and being that intimate with you :wink: x


They really do sound exciting! :fire: :blush:

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That’s at the top of my bucket list, I find it so sexy, mentioned it to my wife a couple of times, she seems up for it but hasn’t yet tried it

They’re all really exciting!

Same here. We play with prostate toys together and she’s made my legs shake with a Desire magic wand with dildo attachment, but I really want to try pegging. It’s just a threshold we’ve not crossed yet which is a shame. Love the idea of making a sexy bucket list though. Maybe the wife and I can both trade ideas that we wouldn’t have normally brought up. A sort of ‘you scratch my back, I’ll scratch yours’ thing :stuck_out_tongue:


I might start with the LH position of the weeks.amd see how we get on

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