Butt Plugs

Might be a silly question, but what are the purpose of butt plugs, especially for women? What do they actually do?

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They can emulate double penetration, making you feel fuller. They can also direct a penis / dildo in your vagina to rub against your g spot and they can make your vagina feel tighter during intercourse.

Women may not have a prostate, but there are still plenty of nerve endings in your backside to provide stimulation and as I understand it, there are nerves that run all the way from the back to the front so can be an extension of your vaginal nerve system too.

When my wife use one she is much wetter during foreplay and orgasms far harder when she comes.

For me , the draw started the first time my wife pegged me . The role reversal was a super turn on for us . After trying several different butt plugs I found several that put a bit of pressure and stayed in nicely . For me having a medium sized one set to an uneven rumble , low fequency can really trigger quite an ejaculation .

Hi @Shaw8468. I’m assuming you’re new to anal sex? If so I’d have a look at the beginners butt plugs on lh.

Personally I would go for silicone or pvc over metal or glass as a first plug because they are flexible and softer. Glass and metal are amazing but they feel ALOT bigger than they look! I prefer a t-bar base because they are more comfortable.
I’ve got this one: https://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=40961
It’s smooth, flexible and quite soft. I personally think it is a little big for a first plug although it is sold as a beginner’s one.
I’ve also just seen this one which is a bit smaller and looks good:

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Hi, it depends a lot on what you are trying to achieve.

Do you have any experience with anal play at all? Do you have a prostate and if yes are you looking to stimulate it specifically? Do you want to wear it just during play or are you looking for longer term wear? What’s making you think about getting a butt plug? Any other requirements that might be relevant?

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From the pov of someone with no experience, how would you start?


Try something like that with the increasing sizes. Starting small and getting comfortable then moving up the size. Also being relaxed and plenty of the right lube will help.

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I love butt plugs especially my metal and glass ones. Chilled in the fridge…and they look so pretty too…

Wearing one whilst shopping and smiling behind the masks we have to wear…

Keeping one in for PIV is amazing too

Love it.


Chilled make a big difference?

Start small. Choosing something you like the look of helps a lot as you’ll want to use it; being nervous of the toy will cause you problems.

A plug is a good place to start, but anal beads are a good option too. There are a few bead/plug hybrids available if you like the idea or size of beads but want the ease of a plug.

Vibration can help relax the muscles, so using a toy on the anus to start is a good idea. If you don’t go for a vibrating anal toy, you can use any vibrator externally, just be very careful that it does stay on the outside (don’t be tempted to insert something that doesn’t have a properly flared base)

Go slow, take a little and let your butt adjust before taking more. Listen to your body, it shouldn’t hurt so any pain means you need to stop. Don’t leave the toy in for too long the first time, probably only 20 minutes.

Make sure you go to the bathroom beforehand.

Most importantly, lube. Lube the toy, lube yourself and then add more lube.


Thank you so much for taking the time with that
I really appreciate it

So would people get up to anything else with a butt plug in?

It depends really is the only answer.

I have worn butt plugs when -

Doing the vacuuming around the house
Watching TV/Movie
Mowing the lawns
At work
For sex

They are quite versatile and inconspicuous for the most part so are ideal for discrete stimulation. I wouldn’t necessarily want one in if my job was physical with a lot of bending and lifting etc, nor would I wear one to the gym, but outside of that, its up to the users imagination.

Just be wary if travelling on aircraft, you may end up revealing more to customs / border security than you would want if you risk trying to pass through wearing one…


I’m a woman , despite the name. And I think they have really helped me prepair for anal sex. They have helped me to relax and get over that initial feeling.
I’ve actually grown to like it.

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Sorry @CJ29 yes chilled or warmed. I personally loved chilled with a bit of lube…:roll_eyes:

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Cool, chilled better then?

It’s personal preference but I wouldn’t recommend chilling/warming an anal toy if you have never used an anal toy before as it can alter how your body responds to the toy, which isn’t a problem if you understand how your body reacts normally.