Cant wait to try this out,

Got this on its way to me, It looks fab and I cant wait to try it out and write a review,

looks like an all round winner to me, but we will see. Ill keep you posted on how it is

thats the link lol, I got so excited I forgot to add the link lol

Looks good hun, I'll wait for the review, maybe something I could try as a beginner?

Ooooooh... looks yummy! I'm wishlisting it!

Think I might too

I've got this on the way to try out, looks great! Very excited, thanks lovehoney!!!

Ooh ooh I got one on it's way too - but I"m a bit crap at the link thing.

Ooh you'll have to give us a full report pink when it gets there!

ill use your review to see if i wanna add it to my wishlist as iv got a load of favourites in my browser i still need to add gr

HP your not on your own, I wouldn't know how to do it either lol

Hey it worked!!!!! I"m a very lucky lady!

I'm gonna order the book of the month on wednesday so I'll review that for you all!

looks like lovehoney have a new range to test out and we are lucky to be picked! the buying, reviewing and posting is paying off, yay!!!!!! *skips away*

Skips happily with Pinkbeach lol,

I think we all should skip happily together lol

can i skip with you guys? me and the missus are off to snowdon on thursday but ill have a review asap possibly the tuesday gr i love this whole tester thing it makes me feel like im actually doing something for the world lol

love you all xxxxxx

Skip with us!! I know, I love reviewing toys

does that mean were all sex toy testers? yay!!!!!!!

*does a little enchanting dance*

woohoo, can I put that on my cv hehe