Caught in the act!

So, after a lovely bottle of wine and fantastic evening together, my wife and I thought we would take advantage of the fact the neighbours were away (live in semi detached house) and go upstairs and have a nice little session with no worries. After a little bit of fun we were getting down to a bit or oral and my wife was beginning to cum and she was being incredibly loud ( never been that loud before, can tell you it was amazing.) in the midst of me being in between her legs and her screaming orgasm our 2 year old daughter ran into the room laughing and jumped onto the bed and onto us! We have always worried about that and it has stopped us being loud before but I think,the combination of wine and no neighbours kind of made us be a bit risky! After a couple of minutes and her telling us we needed to put clothes on she went back to bed and we carried on where we had left off and laughed for a very long time! Just wondered if anybody else had similar stories?!?

Not for us as I placed a bolt lock on the bedroom door. With kids I think t his is a must and a very easy DIY job.. I think you need to do this as well otherwise you may find your Mrs A little the future.

Would really consider getting a bolt on the door! The closest I have ever come to being caught was when me and my current partner lived with his parents shortly before we moved out. We were in the middle of an INCREDIBLE anal session (my work dress hitched up, tights and knickers pulled down and my heels still on). It was amazing. Until a knock at the door and the handle moved down. Luckily nobody came in, but it was such a close call!

My children were brought up knowing that they NEVER came into our bedroom without knocking and waiting......this prevented this kind of thing, thank heavens !

A door wedge that keeps the door open can also be used to keep it mostly shut?

Yes I agree, a lock on the door is a must.

Years ago with my then OH, still living at home with strict parents, i had a day off and arranged for OH to come back mid morning for a session, i heard the front door open and i shouted down the stairs to get your knickers was her mother and the offer wasnt extended to her!

alone4ever wrote:

One weekend the boss gave me Saturday off as soon as I turned in for work, so I went to my partners house, to surprise her as I never used to get Saturdays off. We ended up in bed, and we were just getting into it when there was a knock at the door.

It turned out to be a guy who she was cheating on me with; apparantly he would turn up on random Saturdays; she had her fingers crossed he wouldn't turn up but he did.

Didnt invite him in then?