Celebrating with Lovehoney and coming out

Hello to everyone at Lovehoney. I've finally done it, I've joined and am finally admityting that I am gay. It's been a long time coming and it's been very difficult for me but I can now share with others who I really am, with great pride. I am a male crossdresser and proud to accept all the facets of my sexuality. I love to have girly chats with other women though, so please drop me a line with tips for sexy outfits and shoes, plus make-up tips. Looking forward to having some fun xx


Congratulations and welcome xx💋❤

Hi, well done,congratulations and a big welcome

Hello and congratulations, have fun 😊

Welcome 🙂

Hi. Welcome to the forums & congratulations!

Hello and welcome to the forum.

You say that you love girly chats so drop you a line, just a friendly note to say that we can't PM on Lovehoney; here are a couple of links to help get you started



See you around the forum.

Hello and welcome 🙂

Alicia4Ever wrote:

I noticed on one of your other posts that you have used the word *shemale* I would be grateful if you would not use this word again in your posts, as it is a derogotary term used to describe a trans woman, of which I am one.

I've been meaning to ask for awhile, what are the preferred alternatives? I did google it but I couldn't find an easy answer.

Shemale is a derogative term used to describe a male who has become female. The term is mainly used in porn films or on porn sites, it is purely a derogative term, persons who feel that they have been born in the wrong gender will see that term as such. It equates to calling some one a ladyboy.

Transgender is one of the correct terms, all though the word transsexual does appear the too have a slightly different meaning.

Hi and welcome x look forward to plenty girly chats

Hi and welcome to the forums

Having read some of the posts on this subject i must agree that if you are transgender this is the best word to describe what we are as i am going through the transition. i have never been comfortable as a male being quite feminine. i only came out at the beginning of the new year to family after what feels like a lifetime of hiding in the closet and everyone said i should of come out a long time ago as hiding it for so long has been depressing for me. but now i am happier than ever knowing i have been accepted and am going through the full transition through my GIC = Gender Identity Clinic. xx

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