Cheaper on Lovehoney Amazon

Just seen something that I’ve been looking at on the LH website being sold by LH through Amazon for cheaper.

Just wondering if this is common for LH stuff and if I should look on Amazon more often

Anyone else found this?

For info what I found was

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They have started selling via Amazon, there were a few posts about it last week though I can’t remember where now. Basically, same company but you need to remember that due to Amazon/Ebay rules the happiness promise and returns don’t apply.

Here we go: Sexual Happiness Promise - Amazon/Ebay


Also you can simply wait till it goes onsale :woman_shrugging: thats what i do.
I also like the reassurance that if i hate a toy i can get my money back


Probably loyalty points and discount codes too.



I appreciate all the benefits of shopping on the website instead, but when trying to save the pennies being cheaper elsewhere makes me think twice

That and I havent treated myself for a while so the whole prime delivery saves a couple more pennies as well!!

Its no biggy, I have been waiting to see if it goes on sale so will keep waiting - just wondered if it was an anomaly or if it happens with other products too

LH eBay also has some bargains.

Because Amazon don’t pay tax.
Boycott Amazon and give a couple of quid more to support our health workers and teachers

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Amazon is known for selling rip offs and not the actual brand so beware

@MissTery , they are talking about Lovehoney’s actual shop on Amazon, the products are legit but they don’t come with the additional benefits and warranties buying direct does and it doesn’t have anything like as many products.


@Peitho Oh I see, I didn’t realise there was an official Lovehoney Amazon shop. I love the money back guarantee you get when buying direct from Lovehoney. But for just random Amazon shops they are known for selling rip offs of other brands and often you can’t tell by just looking at the product.

You can also get some Official Lovehoney products from Boots in the High Street but limited
My wife recently purchased some new toys for a weekend away

Amazon does seem to have comically bad search functions but I’m confused how some LH products can be found on Amazon through the normal search but if you manually search through the LH storefront on Amazon the products aren’t listed. The Amazon search items seem to show they are from LH so is that the case or are they likely counterfeit from a third party pretending to be LH?

I think my decision on using Amazon was made when I saw the horror show that was my recommendations for looking at adult stuff let alone it being in my basket.

I was recently buying a new power cable for my sons switch and needed something to take me upto the free delivery and had a look at lovehoney on there, so the mrs has got a new pair of stocking :rofl:

I understand lovehoney is a company and the goal is to make money, but the way Amazon list stuff is frustrating as you filter it to just lovehoney brand but you still get any old Chinese knock off in your searches.