🕵️‍♀ Check your reviews?

Hi brenna we’d love aome feedback on our reviews as wed love to be considered for testers

Thank you for your help , i think i was a bit shy to start with :slightly_smiling_face:

Hey @Lovehoney_Brenna , I’m pretty sure I have done 15-20 reviews though I don’t know if I can check for myself or not, but do the reviews have to be written within a time frame? I think my last review was in April.


I have a review on the Doc Johnson American bombshell ultra girthy buttplug 5 inch under the username of B69.

@MrsmrB Your first review was great! But the following a little too brief. We look for between 7-10 good quality reviews before considering people for tester items :slight_smile:

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@David1986H Tester reviews need to be submitted within a set deadline, but reviews of your own purchases can be submitted whenever you like! :slight_smile:

@Beats69 We usually look for 7-10 well written reviews before people are considered for tester items. The review of the Doc Johnson Plug is very good though! :slight_smile:


Hi Brenna would love some feedback if our reviews are up to speed did an odd test item sometime ago but life’s got in the way but very much back into LH again now!

Thank you very much for the feedback i will look to be more thorough and detailed in future.better add some more goodies to my cart to review then.

If it’s not too late, we’d love some feedback!

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I’m having an issue where I cannot see or leave reviews. I thought it was my tablet but the same thing happens on my desktop. When I go to look at a product review all I see is a throbbing heart. Any ideas? I have tried both logged in and not logged in.