Hi I am trying to set a wish list up but it seem to go to private can someone advise in plain language as I am not that good on technology thanks

I'll see what I can do... 🙂

In the menu go to Wishlists and then select the particular wishlist you want to make public, then scroll down until you see a link that says Edit wishlist settings. Click on that and it will take you to a page where you can change the wishlist title and the privacy settings. If you want to make it public select the little button in front of 'Anyone who views my public profile' (it squishes them all up on my phone so they're not in line, but it's the last one). Then press the green Save Changes button. Et voila! 🙂👍

I hope this works for you.

Hi Ian I have tried that but it always goes back to private

Hmmm. 🤔

Every time you create a new wishlist it will default to 'Only me' in the privacy settings so you'll need to check the box in front of 'Anyone who views my public profile' for each new wishlist you want to be publicly viewable.

Apart from that I've got no idea. 🙂 You may want to put a post in the Glitches thread if you think it's a gremlin?

It's a strange one as Ian has laid it all out and that's how I do it. When I wasn't logged in though I clicked on your profile and can see you have a wishlist called "want this" with 2 items. However when I logged in it's no longer there. Very strange.

I also noticed that you asked the same question in a different thread on Thursday. If you were still having problems you could have posted back in there again to avoid doubling up the threads.

I hope you work this out soon 🙂


You do already have a thread running on this exact topic. Please do try to use existing threads rather than starting a new one.

In this instance, I also think it may be best to contact customer care directly to get more one on one help.

I will now close this one to stop further duplication of answers