Crossdressers of LH

Hi All,

Frequent LH shopper who’s just joined the forum.

I can see quite a few old threads, inactive, on the topic of crossdressing, and thought it may be good to start new one!

I’m not sure how many x’ers are active on here, but it would be amazing to have an active thread about all things cross!

A little about me. I’m 21, been dressing since I left home at 18 for uni. I mainly wear lingerie, heels and a wig but I’m gradually starting to wear more everyday femme clothes around the house (leggings, dresses etc). I’m a massive heel lover. Really I’m a lover of all thing femme :).

Excited to see where this goes, and happy new year all!


I hope you get some traction on the site for discussion. A friend of mine dresses privately and he is very grateful for the little community he’s built up for help tips and advice.

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Hi guys.

I’m 47 and have been wearing women’s underwear on and off since I was about 14.

I say on and off because every so often I feel incredibly guilty and get rid of all my stuff! I’ve also recently bought a maids dress and a Santa dress. Not worn anything with anyone else, but have shared photos in the past.

I did have a naughty twitter account where I posted pictures, but apparently I showed too much buttock on my profile picture and got a lifetime ban! Could do with an alternative to be honest!



Nice to meet you :).

Same here, used to love dressing in my mum and aunts clothes and shoes. Both when I was a kid and as a teen (when parents were away etc).

I’ve had the same feelings of guilt that result in me throwing everything away, it gets very expensive (good for LH though :laughing:). This time I want to make a go of it. I’ve bought quite a lot of clothes and accessories, time to have fun!

Hopefully this thread can get some traction!

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You’re profile pic is amazing btw, you look gorgeous x

Do you have some freedom and privacy to dress now, or are you still restricted a bit at home?

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I have more freedom now :). My flatmate knows that I dress. Plus he visits his girlfriend every other weekend so I have the place to myself. For the first time I feel like I can go for it, all femme!


Thank you x

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What’s your favourite outfit that you have? x

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The item I would most like to be wearing during sex is my maids dress (while being pegged), but I love bodies and I have a lovely white one made of satin and lace x

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Oh, very nice! Lucky man to have an OH that likes to peg xx

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I think I may have worded that message wrong :grinning:, I’m single and pegging is an unfulfilled fantasy of mine!!


Ahh no worries :grinning:. That’s a fantasy of mine too :yum:.

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That’s one think I can say I have done :slight_smile:


I’m 34 and I’ve been secretly cross dressing since my teens mostly lingerie, I’m starting to build up my own little collection to… I be been doing it in secret when the wife is out etc. I just love the feeling I get

cross dressing is something I have secretly wanted to do too, I love heels and dresses on women, they turn me on, but never been brave enough to try myself. I really admire my friend that does it and he looks really sexy at times too,


@matt1969 Just start small and work you way up, there’s some nice things in the sale atm I’ve been tempted but a couple of things

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Go for it, as already said, start small and build up. Maybe a pair of knickers or a bra, nothing too complicated initially x

If you want help, some competitor reps on twitter are happy to deal with cross dressers, although of course that company isn’t always that cheap.

Sale time is the perfect time to start!


Working from home has been great. Short skirts, short shorts, heels and stockings…
… until winter arrived lol


You can say that again! I’ve loved working from home especially while the wife’s been out.

Had such a thrill the other week while having my appraisal conducted via Teams. Was wearing a typical office shirt but out of shot I was wearing a pvc mini shirt, stockings and some thigh high boots :hot_face: