Crossdressers of LH

Yes, you need to be careful and to be able to filter out the scum. Unfortunately that’s part of becoming who you really are. I’ve still to find someone I can rely on permanently. I thought I had found someone on a social media site, but I got banned and they didn’t try to connect to me after that. It’s difficult, but I still believe there is someone for everyone. Don’t give up all options too quickly, but don’t linger too long with the wrong person x

Yes I think you’re right about trying to meet people through social media or specialist sites - it’s probably not the best route. As @Knottydevil says, there are definitely plenty of women out there who will be cool with you dressing and enjoy it.

I honestly think the best thing is to try and meet someone through normal dating sites or whatever who would be right for you in every sense. Once you’ve been together a while you will get a feel for whether they would be open to you dressing. I have had a couple of previous girlfriends where I have dropped hints or jokes about dressing in drag or dressing as a female celebrity etc to see how they react. They have reacted as though they would find it fun or hinted they would find it hot if I dressed up and then I have felt confident to be honest with them and we have taken it from there. As you say, you don’t want your dressing to define your relationship, just to be one enjoyable element of many about your relationship. I think if you find the right person for you full stop then the dressing can be part of it.

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I go away on fancy dress weekends alot…and it’s so good to see all the various outfits…I have around 60 different outfits. Lots of different fabrics…styles and themes.

As I am a very chatty person…NOOOOO WAY I here you say…seriously it’s great to talk in depth to blokes who use these weekends as an outlet for their desire to dress up in whatever they like. They ask me for advice regarding make-up…wigs…hosiery…footwear purchases.

It’s quite sad that some of these blokes feel they can’t talk about their clothing preferences with partners and family members…it gets emotional at times and it’s so sad when they open up to me.

Clothing is just material and doesn’t hurt anyone…as long as no-one exposes themselves…we should be able to wear what we feel comfortable in… we are all different and if something makes you feel “YOU” and gives you confidence then wear it.


I was chatting about shoes with the barmaid in the pub/hotel I stayed in at the weekend. I shared a couple of my forum posts


It is sad that you should have to feel this way. I have to say I’d probably feel the same. I‘ve cross-dressed in student days with an appreciative and open minded audience in the safe confines of a college campus. But out and about, in everyday life, it‘s pretty easy to find closed minded people, and to feel less safe showing this side of you.

Talking to younger people (20 & 30somethings) the ideas of a multiplicity of sexualities, kinks, romantic preferences, and different types of relationships, are pretty widely accepted (I’m obviously making a broad generalisation here. There are plenty of people over the age of 40 who are open minded too!)

A strong tradition of LQBTQ+ advocacy, Pride events, RuPaul’s tv shows, the Ballroom scene in general, and a whole host of other cultural events and movements have helped open up real-world spaces for an outlet to these commonly held feelings and desires.

Talking recently to several hetero female friends about RuPaul’s Drag Race, and cross-dressing men more generally, I got the distinct impression that men who were able to lean into their feminine side were perceived as very sexy, less threatening, being more true to themselves, and less prone to toxic masculinity.

While many women appreciate these qualities in a friend or relative, I was very pleasantly surprised by how many either had been, or were in a relationship with a cross-dressing male partner.

I say give people the benefit of the doubt. Be proud of who you are. Be open. But do be aware you may have to meet a few closed minded ones in the mix. And you‘ll just have to tell them to jog on…


Hi Jack,

New to this site and immediately found one of my favourite topics :slight_smile:


Id love that granting, i look forward liking your photos.

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Hello & Welcome to the forum @OCDv8

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I’m 29 and have dress privately for I’m 15 years so I think this is a great idea. Lovely to meet you all :blush:


Hope you’ve all had a great weekend. Just thought I’d share with you all I went to the local pride event yesterday all dressed up with a friend.

Had an absolutely amazing time meeting new cross dressers and even got myself a date for this week!

If you get the chance please do go to a pride event, they are the most welcoming and empowering places where you can meet and get to know lots of lovely open minded people :blush:


Hi All!

How is everyone? Anyone buy anything new recently (I’m going to put a new order in on LH today and am looking for ideas :slight_smile:)? Have any exciting stories to share.

Jack x

Hey Sam, welcome!

Went to London pride (male mode), had an amazing time!
totally agree with you Sam. Very inclusive atmosphere. Amazing people.

Hey @OCDv8! Nice! Feel free to share your journey (if comfortable). Are you new to crossdressing or has it been a long standing passion? x

Those weekends sound like a lot of fun.
Yeah it can be difficult to share this passion/ desire with people you know. I agree with you 100%, people should be free to wear what makes them feel most comfortable x.

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