Delay creams/sprays

Apologies if this has covered, I did a quick search but couldnt find anything.

Can anyone recommend any delay creams or sprays. Looking to try out something new.

Slightly worried (with my new penis) that id lose sensation so cant be anything which numbs tooooo much, realise this is a tricky ask?

Having watched this should i just try the recommended chinese miracle spray?

This is the hyperlink to all the creams and sprays on the site

You could also ask your GP about a (mild) anaesthetic gel? I don't think you'd be able to use this without a condom during penetration but it might help if you hurt at all.

Are you being circumcised? This is a good video on premature ejaculation if that is a concern I have no experience with the chinese miracle spray so hopefully someone will bump this thread in the morning :)

Would definitely recommend

Super Dragon 6000 Delay Spray

We tried it last night for the first time and we were both very happy with the result.

It is OOS right now but I was sent this as a tester
and it actually worked to my surprise.

You can kind of control it's effect by the number of sprays you use. Downside is that with lots if sprays it was so numb couldn't feel anything!