Dominix Wedge Pillow Query

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I’m hoping that someone who is Plus Size would mind helping me with a query about the Dominix Large Wedge Pillow -

I’m interested in this particular item as it’s something that’s affordable to me but how much weight do you think it would support?

I’m terrified that if I buy it it’s going to pop! :hushed:

If it’s any help I’m in the 16st range but have lost over 10st. Unfortunately all the feelings I had at 26st (will I fit, will it break if I sit on it ect) still remain and whilst I’m trying to combat it and become more body confident sometimes I struggle.

If anyone can help or advise me I’d really appreciate it. :slightly_smiling_face:

I feel that a wedge Pillow would really help with all sex positions and I love the idea of using it for oral sex.

Thanks xx


@Alicia4Ever Thank you for replying, ok I will do that.

I did read in the reviews that one person was 110kg and hadn’t had any issues but wanted to find out if others had used it and what they thought.

I’d love to be able to afford the other wedges (non inflatable) but the budget won’t stretch that far unfortunately.


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I can’t answer exactly buuuuut I’m just over 14 stone and use the “regular” Dominix wedge and have had no issues with it struggling with my weight. Dominix stuff is generally well made.

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Thank you @VanillaWithSprinkles :heart:

I did contact customer services who were super helpful and said that it should take 160kg but the weight would be distributed evenly over it so it should take more weight very well.

I think I’m going to treat myself! :wink:



Omg I’m so glad! Enjoy! I have another friend who uses a wedge and it’s such an enhancement.

That’s good to know. Thanks lovely x

Enjoy! Can’t speak to that item but everything I’ve tried from dominix so far has been great and excellent quality up to like 5 things I think from the brand.

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@Enchantress29 thank you for commenting, that’s really good to know. I did go ahead and make a purchase, that being the 7th this month! Lovehoney Unlimited is too good to pass up :blush:

Mr Blue isn’t going to be able to keep up :sweat_smile::grin: Bless him… Xx

Congrats and enjoy! I’m currently debating a 3rd order of the desire prostate massager.

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@Enchantress29 Thank you.

I’m going to have to check that out. A few days ago I did order my first butt plug so who knows where things will go from there :blush:.

I’ve saved to watch list a few other plugs. I love the look of the metal gem set ones and the glass Amethyst one too (it’s my birth stone) so felt drawn to that. Plus I like the look of the rechargeable vibrating plug.

I feel like a kid in a candy store.

So many pretty items to choose from xx


Any updates or thoughts on inflatable wedge pillows?

Looking at this one -

But as with OP I worry it will pop! (Just under 12st here, and hubby is about the same)

Also do people think they are worth buying?

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It should be ok weight-wise since 160kg is about 25 stone so even if both of you use it at the same time you’ll be fine, plus, you won’t have your full weight on it anyway:

I haven’t got one so can comment on whether they are worth buying though. Just thought I’d comment on the weight bit and bump this up a bit!

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I think they are worth buying (I have the one you’re thinking of getting). Inflatable ones are nice as you can add/let out air depending on your preferred angle, though an actual pillow one might be better if you’re worried about popping it. I don’t know about the weight (as I’m ~ 8.25 stone and my partner is ~ 9.5 stone), but as others have said the weight limit for that is 160 kg (~ 25.2 stone) so you should be fine (and the blow-up hole seals very nicely so I don’t think that’d pop out either). If you contact customer service and they say you should be fine and then you did end up popping it I’m sure they wouldn’t hesitate to help you out (either get a replacement, alternative or offer a refund). Since I’m quite light I end up sliding down it as there isn’t enough friction against me and the pillow, but I think it’d work correctly for you (the soft surface is supposed to help grip against you and hold you in place). They definitely help you maintain positions, and aid in getting into ones that would otherwise put a lot of strain on one partner or both.


I would definitely recommend.

You might like to check out this thread:

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I brought the large inflatable, I’m a size 22/24 and it holds me just fine, I lay on top of mine and my bum is on the edge of the highest bit and he sits on my bum, and gets real deep, sorry but the best orgasms I’ve ever had. I was worried I was going to pop it too. but it is very sturdy. It’s got to be the best thing I’ve ever brought

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