Dressed for sex

Is there certain things people will wear if they know they are going to have sex that day.
Like when you get dressed in the morning is there certain things that you will put on that you know melts your OH
For my OH if I see her wearing certain knickers (satin or lace) then this really gets me going and I can’t wait for night time :wink: satin or lace sends me wild and offer just seeing her wear these can make me turgid in the anticipation.
It it’s simple cotton jobs I know it’s the monthly time
If it’s satin or lace then I like her to keep these on and pulled to the side as it adds to the fun for me but she is a knickers off kind of gal. What’s everyone else think knickers on or off :ok_hand:
Also what do most wear to bed
Men?? Naked boxers or shorts/Loumge trousers
Women PJ’s / knickers&vest or night dress?

I’m boxers OH usually PJ’s we’ve kids in the house too so usually wear something to bed

If my OH puts on a matching bra and knickers in the morning I know I’m in for sex that night. She very rarely wears knickers to bed aswell so she’s a knickers off kind of girl


@Samb92 I ask for knicks to be kept on if it’s a fav pair I like she doesn’t usually wear Knick’s to bed either just PJ’s then you know it’s a no go :rofl::rofl::rofl:

@Chosen-one there’s something sexy about just slipping them to the side. Once the PJs are on you definetly know not to even try it :joy:


A butt plug. I wear a butt plug. :gem: :spades:


Lol, a bit of a give away. No need to apply traffic light coloured ones for yes or now.

Love this response :smiley: xx

If I am up for it it’s not usually in the morning but when I finish work I will have a long hot shower using his favourite shower gel (sanctuary) and put on some sexy lingerie and a spray of perfume. As he is still usually downstairs I will put on my knee length black cotton robe and tie very loosely so it shows ample cleavage (he is defo a boob man) and that’s all the hints he needs lol :joy:


In the summer i’m usually wearing just swim shorts anyway,in the winter if i’m on a promise it’s some tight trunks, usually silky microfiber material.


My wife will tell me to put on a certain pair of boxers if she wants some fun that day, she says they are tight in all the right places.


Sometimes (pre lockdown anyway) I would go out with my OH shopping, for drinks or wherever dressed in leather leggings and long boots. The attention I would receive would be enough to ensure we both wanted to take a direct route to the bedroom when we returned home. If he is lucky I would keep the boots on :blush:.


I will often dress up and surprise the wife when she gets home from work.
baby blue satin maids dress satin bloomers stockings suspenders and 6" killer heels. i may even send her a picture during the day to let her know whats in store.


Some interesting variations here :ok_hand:

I will put on a matching set of bra + thong/lacy brazilian knickers!


I’m very impressed by the members who can dress in the morning with a plan for the evening!
Our planning is more last minute, but I like to dress up. Sometimes I ask OH to choose my attire, or I just pick something myself. Body stockings work well for us.
I’ve updated my daytime underwear to include Lovehoney Flirty knickers with a black bra, so if we are suddenly overcome with lust, I know I’ll look ok.


Having kids and work and many other obligations it’s difficult to wear something sexy in the morning for the day ahead.

If I’m feeling frisky and hopeful of some intimacy in the evening, I’ll wear matching underwear, tights and a pretty dress. Fairly standard and uneventful but hubby loves nylon, I feel attractive and inevitably we get drawn to each other.

What I’m wearing come 10pm is a whole different question!


Come 10 pm it won’t stay on that long either I bet :rofl::rofl:

Thats the beauty of crotchless lingerie. You get to keep it on and have it off!!!


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Since my wife is no longer into sex , I dress to make me horny . I wear the same model of thong/g-string almost all summer (see my photos ) . At night I wear nothing . After tanning season I have mildly more modest thongs and in colder moths , especially for riding I have cotton bikini underwear . And for real cold winter outside activities , thermal underwear .



I’d love nothing more than wear sexy matching underwear every day.

My wife used to have 2 grades of underwear. She had everyday and ‘special’ but rarely if ever wore the ‘special’ so one day I hid all her underwear while she was in the shower and we took a trip to Victoria’s Secrets where we blew the budget buying nothing but nice, sexy matching underwear sets. Now she wears nothing else but these and everyday underwear is a thing of the past.