Excited much

I have just ordered some new toys. I am getting the LH basics pump (im good size already but being a typical man i want to see what its like even bigger) along with some new cock rings and as there was a 2 for £25 offer I have also got the mini magic wand.. I love milking myself hands free and at that price you cant go wrong.

Who else is ordering new toys? and more importantly what are you ordering?

Hi, there's already a thread called latest purchases so you may want to move the conversation over there to avoid duplicate conversations :)

Hey there 

So glad you are excited for the arrival of your new items.

Pop on over to the purcahses thread to see what others are buying too ![smiley|20x20](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif "smiley")

A quick search in the box above with latest purchases brings this one up.

I will close this one so that the convo continue on the dedicated thread ![heart|20x20](upload://4WyQT1gwKaQJNwhYxrKZ1rOPglF.gif "heart")