Being quite new to the iPhone phenomenon I was intrigued by the FaceTime feature and my mind led me to wonder who has used it for some sexual purpose, was it with your partner or a.n other and how did it go?

Not a fan of the FaceTime feature, most I've done is take some videos on my phone using the frontal camera. You can take some good shots from that angle lol especially as you're able to see exactly what's on screen.

If my OH had a compatible phone then I would consider using it with him but for now good ol' skype and messenger will do. As well as exchanging naughty vids and photos.

Never used as a sexual device... Its good though, especially if your away from home and you want to see the wife & kids

Never really used it & I have both an iPhone & iPad... Skype app is much better only thing is my Skype app doesn't seem to stay on all the time :/

I use FaceTime quite often to let others watch me masturbate and cum. I don’t have any other platforms so it gets the job done :stuck_out_tongue:

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We’ve used FaceTime a few times when we have phone sex, And it’s got a little heated and we switch to FaceTime. I love watching him, and seeing how turned on he gets by watching me.


I think it’s so hot being fully exposed on camera! I absolutely love the thrill and excitement