Favourite lovehoney clothes purchase

Just a thread to let people share their favourite LH buys and why


These have to be my favourite buy (and my OH's)

They feel good and snug on....the harder you are the tighter the sheath grips you......mind blowing!

I wore them all afternoon at work yesterday. My OH knew an was waiting with a vibro tucked in. I was nrock solid and we rubbed each other till we came. I switched her vibro off and we snuggled in and fell asleep. I woke up half an our later and I was olid again...I think it was the feeling of the latex gripping me.

We had a long session................sooooooooo erotic I finished of by puting a condom over the sheath and made love in various positions (my favourite was some active spooning.

We finished of with her on top riding my cum filled sheath covered hard on.

What a session........we agreed to restrict it to one a week in this style (other things as and when) but its my choice when to take them into work......the first she is to know of it is an afternoon text.

It would be interesting to hear other peoples favourites or if anyone has shared this purchase and enjoys it as much as we do