Anyone tried it ?

Iv never heard of it ??

You would be right in that is what it is, and i didnt realise people actually did it.

Absolutely not for me!

Not for me, but it's a very popular kink. 

It’s a kink well loved by many, but I would suggest it’s done in a very clean environment, internally and externally as the bacteria could make you poorly.

Iv been involved in doing this once with a partner as a drunken act of silliness but it’s not something I would consider doing daily.

We've done it a few times. As the designated bum that is licked and sucked, I really enjoy it, and given how eager he does it, he enjoys it too.

I've licked another lady when she was filled with cum. Was nice, but I prefer being licked.

As LIL_KNOWN69 said, cleanliness inside and out. This isn't a spur of the moment thing - make an evening of it with preparation.

Not for me, have a really low immune system.

I like eating cream pie, but only with a very trusted couple. I've not met many women willing to let me indulge in eating her husbands cum from her, they tend to feel it's too icky and gross!

Love cream pie eating and licking cum off bum cheeks but not if it's been inside the anus

I really enjoy eating cream pie and occasionally on the outside of the bum only use toys for penetrating my bh