First time introducing a toy to partner

So it's our wedding anniversary coming up soon and I've finally bitten the bullet and bought a mini wand from LH for the Mrs, who is still a toy virgin.

Part of me is v excited, looking forward to extra possibilities this will give us - I mainly got it to make it easier for her to have powerful blended orgasms more often when we have sex, though I know they are versatile with all sorts of uses :). But part of me is also a bit nervous on what her reaction will be - what if she takes it the wrong way (she is very good with her hands, whether for pleasuring me or herself).

Anyone happy to share their experience of what it was like unveiling a toy to the partner (or showing them the Lovehoney website) for first time? Any embarrassments, or did it all go well? Any fond memories of your partner's 1st time toy usage?

If all fails I may coyly tell her it's stictly for therapeutic massage only and not for sexual gratification (she does have a sense of humour).

I have bought my OH many toys, sometimes she looks shocked at the sight of them, but once tried she has enjoyed them all, most recently a mains powered wand and a clit suction toy. You have nothing to lose, go for it!

We both knew about lovehoney so didn't have to show it to each other. Was funny when the topic or toys came out during a first conversation that lasted from noon till 1am we both had this moment of like big eyes excitement finding the other into toys.

No embarrassments just a lot of ooo I like that or oh we should try that. Both very much in the realm of love new surprise ones added to the mix.

Good Luck and enjoy!

Hi! So my partner and me stumbled upon youtube videos of couples reviewing toys so I asked him if he would be open to trying toys with me and to my surprise he was very much into it! He likes using my new vibrator on me.

I would say don't be nervous because I think she will love it - like WillC said I think if anything she will be shocked first but then absolutely love it once she tries it.

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It sounds like you're good at communicating between you so that's already a big hurdle over. I was a bit shy with my hubby at first when I introduced some things but found that setting the mood first really helped to bring them in as a desirable addition to what was going on. I also found that explaining what I get out of toys for him helped dispel any feelings of selfishness. You could also just claim you thought they were hair curlers...

Great advice above. On a practical level how about buying her a selection of other gifts too? Chocolate, jewellery etc so the toy isn't necessarily the "focus" . I think if I was new to toys I'd appreciate this approach x

So I bought my wife her first toy, she was a newbie too. Well both of us were. I was always sure she'd really enjoy it and I liked the idea of it, so took the plunge and bought a Tracey Cox rabbit. Probably the best thing I've done. I wrapped it up in a black box with red ribbon. Put some lingerie in the box too and left it for her to unwrap on her own. I told her if she wanted to use it she can and if not we'll send it back and say no more. Maybe a month went by and I knew she'd used it alone, when she asked if I wanted to use it on her. Now she uses it alone and I use it on her. Loads of fun and it heats things up a bit! Definitely worth it, but don't put pressure on. Good luck

To report back that the mini wand was indeed unwrapped - mixture of shock, slight embarrassment and intrigue when she saw it. She did ask what else I'd been looking at - I was quite coy but can revisit and seems like she's potentially interested in investigating other toys.

Neither of us could quite believe how powerful it was and it took a while for us to get hang of finding the right setting, though she only used it on herself a little bit and with a wicked glint in the eye decided to tease me with it instead - even on a slow setting it felt quite intense - over my cock, balls, perineum and even a slight touch against my bum which got me v turned on.

Later in the heat of the moment we carried on without it, but think it'll definitely get used again - like the idea of keeping it at side and bringing it out when we're having PIV sex to get one of those powerful blended orgasms she can sometimes have with accompanied clitoral stimulation.

Glad things went well for you! 👍🙂

Just introduced a toy into sex with my partner myself the other day. We had already started the deed when I pulled out a little vibrator that we’re had gotten with some lingerie a year out so ago. We just threw it in the night stand and never went to use it. She was never really interested in using toys as she thought we didn’t need them for better sex, but once I had started using that vibrator on her. She started shaking in her knees. Needless to say. That little toy has been used almost every time since then. We are actually looking into a more “premium” toy for our new collection we’re going to start. I’ve created a monster, haha

I’m glad someone else posted about this I’ve been nervous and anxious about bringing it up with my partner. I had bought a couple of things which I’ve tried myself and liked. I also bought a sleeve for him and used it once which he initially liked but then said it was painful so we took it off. Think we needed better lube. Also while I was away in Ireland he found my “box of tricks” as he called it, under the bed wasnt a good hiding place :joy: the box has been moved to the wardrobe and hasn’t ventured out since.

Interestingly, whilst our first toy the mini wand hasn’t seen much use, we’ve had some successful use from a vibrating dildo which we’re using to help her reach blended orgasms. I actually mentioned that one in heat of the moment - a risky strategy but it did pay off.

What was more nerve racking was telling her other day I’d bought a butt plug for her to use on me. However after initial slight shock on her part she was glad I’d shared this (still slightly taboo) fantasy and is keen to try it on me.

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