First Weekend Without OH

Hellooo! ^_^

From the title you can see what this is about, since being together this is our first weekend apart. I'm staying at home rather than going to stay at my boyfriends as he has a ton of coursework to get through for the end of uni this term. I understnad he needs this done so I'm more thn happy to leavfe him to it as right now coursework is the priority and I want him to do well. I just have no idea what to do with myself! I'm going shopping, doing coursework and decorating the house all christmassy but at night I just want to cry. I have his shirt so if I miss him I have it but I feel so lost right now, any advice guys? What did you do in my situation? Does it get easier? Xx

Yes. You realise that life goes on outside of seeing your OH and that there are actually other things to do.

I know, I know I' being silly but I didn't realise how much I care for him, I have a busy weekend planned for myself during the day, all my other friends work nightshifts so I have no one to hang out with which sucks :/

You sound smitten :-) my advice is do something you enjoy eg watch your favourite film or have a long hot bath and read a book!

Time apart is good for a relationship, being together all the time can cause rifts between a couple, especially in a new relationship.

Lounge about in your PJ's, have a nice hot long bath with a glass of wine, text him a sexy pic of you in the bath ;)

Pig out on junk food and doss for the weekend.

I understand completely what you mean! My partner and I started things off long distance, and then have lived together so it has either been 6/8 weeks apart.. or every day for 6 months together lol. He is leaving for just about over a week after christmas to see his family & friends.

I am hoping to keep myself busy and yes, being relaxed as possible and having a few girly days (with lots of wine) should be able to do the trick for both of us ![smiley|20x20](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif "smiley")

Totally understand,, OH has just got back from two weeks away, it doesn't get easier, skyping for half an hour at night helps, and staying on the phone while you fall asleep

Thanks guys ^_^ We don't live together or anything like that, just see each other at the weekend but I've been quite good today! No tears or downers, hopefully be on the phone tonight as I haven''t heard from him today yet, I look forward to it :D we normally play onlone games together whilst being on the phone, I found listening to the songs he sends me helps me sleep at night x

may be you have some me time could test some toys out and write a review sure lovehoney will be happy to receive the review

I felt like this too but now I gind lots to do!

I do my hair , nails , watch some films, see my family and friends, and sometimes just eat lots! ...

All things I could do whilst the OH is about but the joy is its in my own time !

I now do lots on my evenings when he is on call (as he sometimes is out all night which sucks a little now its cold) but i do have my two kitties to snuggle lol

Enjoy some you time and I hope its not too bad for you

Ahh I do like being on my own & in my own company just it's not the same going to be without them next to you, I'm sticking one of my favourite films on & having a cheeky Jack Daniel's, cosying up with a hot water bottle & chocolates too ^_^

Have a nice long session of masterbation with some alcohol and some nice porn. I really enjoy when my OH goes out I do some nasty things to myself that I really love no one else knowing not even my OH. ;))