❓ Forum Fun - What would you like to see?

Hey All,

I’ve been thinking about fun things we could do here on the Forum, then thought who better to ask than everyone here!

What are some things you would like to see us do here?

Are there any fun activities or posts you would like to have?

Would you like to know more about what’s going on at Lovehoney, such as new products or blog articles?’

Lets throw some ideas around! I can’t promise we can do them all, but would be fantastic to find out what you would like from this space :smiley:


I would like to know more about what’s going on at Lovehoney, such as new products or blog articles.
I love the anonymous side of the forum but always like to hear about what users are doing and areas of their lives.


Hi @Lovehoney_Brenna

Something like a general news update on what is going on at LH - sort of catch all update on various topics, e.g - best sellers, trends, whats hot etc…
Also a “Coming Soon” / “In development” update on toys/lingerie etc. It would be interesting to know what is in the pipeline. Something to get excited about. (I am thinking this would be really relevant on the run up to xmas or other significant times in the year).

Thanks. A069 :grin:


More about LH and upcoming products would be great. A more surefire way of testing would also be good, it’s hard to keep tabs on our reviews when products are discontinued etc


I used to love the fun blog posts with quizzes in, things like this:


Unfortunately since the site switch over none of the quizzes work any more. I’d love some of those back or new ones created, they were great fun.


That quiz looks really good. Shame its not working any more


Maybe a few competitions or random give aways


I love the friendly, fun, helpful atmosphere of the forum, and love the games and quizzes, so maybe some quizzes with Lovehoney prizes? As not everyone has a large knowledge of trivia, maybe some competitions that involve creativity rather than academic knowledge?
Maybe a star of the month prize for members who have been particularly helpful or you think deserve cheering up?

Maybe that would encourage more participation, as we welcome loads of new members on a daily basis, but it seems to be a limited number of us who participate regularly. :slightly_smiling_face:


Id love to see the model and review of a month back :heart_eyes:


I would also like to see behind the scenes of LH.

I know you often say you can’t talk about items that may be coming up, but what about part of the blog where you show us the other side. Tell stories about which toys you didn’t want to promote etc.
We all know there is competition out there, so would be good to know why you didn’t choose to take on certain products.

I really like how - mainly you Brenna, interact with us, and ask us what we think.
I believe that’s what makes a great company, as you listen to the people rather than doing what you believe is right.

Random give always / competitions for our stories would be good.
Take for example the honeymoon thread- great thread to read, but you give away a toy or even a cheap bottle of lube for the best story.

I love the games and often lead by @Ian_Chimp, these are what make me come back.
I really think the photo thread is important and I have made purchases based on this.
Would be good for a picture thread of toys.
Although the website has pictures, real life ones with a hand for comparison would work well


Something I miss (and I know my OH does too as she once won one many moos ago!) is the ‘model of the month’ photo competition where vouchers were up for grabs as a prize. I recall there was a bit of whining before from some that the same people seemed to win regularly (but then also entered every month and put effort in too) but it was a great opportunity to show some creativity and show off some of your LH purchases.

I know we have the lingerie photo thread but a monthly comp would be great and you could even add in to the T’s & C’s that winning photos could be used in LH blogs and online ads - so entrants would benefit from the chance to win vouchers to spend online and LH would get some online content too. :slight_smile:


Hi Brenna

Things like

Behind the scenes

What’s new

Future developments / advancement of products etc



Mr and Mrs Daisy1982​:cherry_blossom:


Official forum daily or weekly ice breaker questions - either sexy or off-topic. There are many running threads that cover some of this ground, but posts that lock or reset with a new prompt every week would really engage the conversations in a way that you don’t forget if you’ve answered it for, or get tired of seeing the same posts every day.


Having some quizzes and a few fun games like what’s been done in the past could be nice. Or even develop a new toy all together with everyone’s ideas thrown in and getting to see/learn of the processes it goes through :smiley:

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Maybe some ‘meet the team’ items and fun things like sex toy/LH word association /Scattergories with some of the LH team maybe


General updates, products coming to Lovehoney soon, user guides???


For me I think I’d like to see the return of profiles where you can view their review links ?


I would like to see live reviews of products. It could either be done by LH experts or part of the product testers

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Yes, i would like to see that feature back, cos it allowed you to follow trusted reviewers with similar tastes or body types etc.


@Purring-Pussy @GoGirl12 @FortySomethingWife @WillC the issue with the return of review of the month and links to our own reviews, recent reviews, etc. is that since the shopping site switch over it is impossible to link to individual reviews. If that could be fixed I’m sure Brenna would try to bring back these other, really good features we used to have but from previous conversations I don’t think that’s going to happen anytime soon sadly.

All the issues are discussed in :memo: Bring Back Review Of The Month!