Forum posts in a random order...

Weird one this. Lately whenever I open a topic on the forum, the posts are all over the place. The secret review posts, for example, often have the original info half way down the page after several replies. It never used to do this! Any idea what I've done to make this happen, or how to fix it? Thanks!

Hi there - it's not you, the forum is broken and has been for a few days. I think the Lovehoney Team are working to try to fix is, but it is like this across all threads and very frustrating if you are trying to follow a conversation. Here's hoping it will be sorted soon!

I've noticed this evening that the posts seem to be back as they should. Perhaps- dare I whisper it - it might be business as usual?

Ahh no. Just noticed my reply has gone to the top - so apparently I am wrong!

Im glad i read this. I thought my tab had gone into some kind of forum melt down, displaying posts in any order it felt like.

I noticed this too. Trying to decipher who is the recent post haha

Yep happening for me too. Just want it back to normal

Yeah I noticed this the other day and seen It was posted in the glitches thread.

to be honest it's putting me off coming on the forum