Hey Young Male Here

Hey everyone, just joined the forums, would like a male and female guide to help me out buying my first toys and being a friend for sex advice.


Hello there! Hubby and I only really joined about a week ago. You will get some really thoughtful, respectful and awesome advice from pretty much everyone here. We can’t believe how friendly and fun this mob are.

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Hi and welcome. Everyone is really friendly and helpful. Have a search and a read of some topics. If you have specific questions, feel free to ask

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Thanks x

You’re so welcome! It’s so refreshing not to have skeevy mouth breathers disrespecting others. You’re definitely in safe hands here! :heart:

Thanks Calie x

That’s good to know!

Morning and welcome :orange_heart:

Hi there @MrJay22 and welcome to the forum. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @MrJay22 :wave:
Welcome to the forum!

Hi and welcome @MrJay22

Welcome to the forum :blush:

Hey welcome to the madness…

What kind of things are you both into? There is so many types of toy available depending on what you both want to get upto then we will be possibly be able to reccomend toys for you

Hiya @MrJay22 :wave:… Welcome to the forum

Hi @MrJay22 and welcome :smile:

Hello and welcome @MrJay22 :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi, welcome to the forum

Welcome @MrJay22 enjoy the forum :blush:

Welcome to lovehoney @MrJay22

Hello and welcome :smiley: @MrJay22